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Anyone have an idea as to when we shall see B5TR in the UK?

Always the poor cousin (see any DVD/UK posting).

I haven't heard anything yet about a UK broadcaster picking up the film...

Guess you'll have to sit tight or find alterante means

"And you, madam, are ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning." - Winston Churchill
I've got the badge, I'm now removing a steel pipe from the garage wall... instant pike. Righto chaps I'm off to London to kick butt. If nobody agrees, then in five minutes I will be the only person in the Channel 4 Board Room standing, 10 minutes later, I will be the only person left standing at BBC Television Centre, 15 minutes after that ITV shall fall, and 15.57 minutes after that and especially if I'm desperate and even then at a push, I'll be the only person standing at Channel 5. Until they accept our terms, I will blaze through London dealing out merry hell with my pike....

...umm alternatively i suppose I could write a letter!

Back when I was a kid in Sunday School, Father Minkowski once said: "Given the crucifixion was a terrible thing for anyone to endure, if you could go back in time 2200 years, would you prevent the crucifixion of Christ?" Well after a heated debate, we all agreed the answer was no. The crucifixion was necessary to redeem the world. - Lt. John Matheson "The Needs of Earth"

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