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UK B5 fans get good deal (4 a change)


A VHS video chance of a life-time. The discount bookshops "The Works" have take stock of tons of B5 video. They are being sold at the bargain price of £3.00 and also being offered at 'Buy one, get one free'. That makes the £1.50 each!!!

My local shop in Stafford has seasons 1 - 5. Get in there and update your collection. (without the C4 edits). Please note I have no links with the above mentioned retail chain.


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blimey! that's some cheap videos...

i knew i should have waited instead of buying them all when they came out (at £11 a tape)!

the only possible worry is that for shops to be selling them this cheap means that there were/are plenty of excess copies floating around...

i just hope that this doesn't dissuade the powers that be from ever releasing the eps on dvd over here!

still, its nice to know that B5 is still floating around the shops even now...



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