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Uh just what the heck happened?


Hi folks...

I was wondering, we are now in the 4th month of this year, and still no word on that B5 project... Did I miss something?

Or was it a hoax?

Anyway, I was really looking forward to what ever it might have been and now I am not even sure if anything will even happen now...

Any info on this matter?

I mean where did we get the info on any new project in the first place and why does JMS not post stuff here? After all this is such a cool place why not let us know how he is etc. And what is happening in the B5 universe?
I dont really see JMS posting here, he generally keeps to the moderated newsgroup as far as I know, any postings will be repeated on jmsnews.com.

On the more info note he already stated nothing more til 15th may.
Hi Kaleb

Thanks for the info!! I didn't even know there was that site... Or for that 15th of May info!!! NEW HOPE!!! YAY! Thanks!

There have also been SEVERAL posts in this very forum regarding this subject, so if you would have looked, they would have been easily found.

JMS does not post anywhere but his moderated newsgroup. This site gets all its info regarding stuff like that from there. Members post it here (again, scroll down just a few posts and this will become obvious).
OK OK OK OK OK Relax Recoil!!!!

No need to get upset! I don't live in a forum so forgive me for missing that post. I do have a life you know.

Take a deep breath and get some fresh air. :LOL:
No need to get upset! I don't live in a forum so forgive me for missing that post. I do have a life you know.

And if you have a life, it means that you can't use your gray mass which is situated between ears to think that scrolling down the page could answer something? One could take your "life" comment as an insult.
A question was asked. A question was answered. Sometimes there are existing threads on an issue. Sometimes posters don't see them. It happens. The polite thing to do would be for those who know of the existing threads to post a link to one of them in the redundant thread, effectively answering the question as well as directing the poster to a thread with more information on that subject.
Hi vacantlook

Thanks for that. I appreciate that there are people out there who are helpful and honest. As for the line "I have a life", well if Recoil's response isn't insulting then I don't know what is...

I don't want B5 members to lash out on each other were are here to share the news and joy of B5. Like I posted the other day, to confirm the fact that the new TV movies on DVD will arrive in August on R2... Just helping out...

Here is the news should someone still find it interesting...

You can also preorder it at dvdworld.co.uk


I guess it is pretty much confirmed then, as they don't add anything to their lists unless confirmed.


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