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There have been a number of threads on various boards discussing the probable Rangers series, the possible return of Crusade and JMS's potential workload. One of the things we all sometimes forget when dealing with these dazzling possibilities is that JMS already has another deal, signed, sealed and delivered, to be the "show-runner" for another television series. The project is on hold pending the outcome of the current labor negotiations, but JMS already has a signed contract and a commitment from the network involved for a full season of shows, which is pretty rare in this age of 8- or 13-week initial commitments and 6-week cancellations.

Unfortunately, he can't tell us what this thing is called, what its about, or which network is doing it until somebody else issues a press release. So far, they haven't. So he's reverted to calling the upcoming show, "That Which Cannot Be Named." For a couple of years, "TWCBN" was the internet code-name for the project that eventually emerged as Babylon 5.

Anyway, here's JMS's latest comments on TWCBN, from the newsgroup:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>> Since you say the plan is to start shooting TWCBN straight after the strike, would it be right to assume that several scripts have already been completed? <

Here's the dopey thing... I can answer this and a bunch of related stuff, I just can't say what it IS because the PR department still hasn't gotten to issuing the silly press release.

In general details...

We prep July/August; we plan to shoot right after Labor Day. (Labor actions permitting.) In addition to a two hour pilot, there are now 6 scripts in the works. We've begun refining budgets, talking cast, music, crew, staff have been hired in various areas, contracts have been signed, we have a firm order on 20 hours of TV for this project... we even have a date for our debut, March 15th 2002.

I just can't tell you what it IS yet.




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