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TV Movies DVD August 16th?


Just for reference, I live in the UK (Region 2).

I was just shopping around for a good deal on Babylon 5 Season 3 - I'm a bit behind with the sets, mainly due to financial constraints. Anyway, in doing so I uncovered some interesting information.

On Play.com (a UK site) I noticed that they have this listed:

Babylon 5 - Third Space / Call To Arms / River Of Souls

Play.com don't usually get things wrong, and I don't see this listed anywhere else. I was under the impression that we'd be getting "In the Beginning" and "The Gathering" on this set too - with commentaries etc.?

Anyway, if mid-August is the projected UK release date, you can shave a couple of months off for the US date - which sounds pretty much right. Just thought you'd like to know :)

Also, whilst I was shopping around for the Season 3 set, I came across this nice promotion on Choicesdirect.com:

For one week only, save up to 50% off Babylon 5 DVD boxsets! Buy them now for only £25.99 each!

This is a damn good offer if you don't already have the first 3 seasons, so you can imagine I jumped at it!

Just a heads-up for my friends this side of the pond :D
thanks, i'll order s3 today!

Just checked out Play.com, the August release for the three movies you noticed is very odd. I hope that's either a mistake or that a full box set will follow at a later date.
That seems really bizarre - but since when did WHV's treatment of R2 fans make any sense?

We are still 4 days away from the release of S4, no date yet for release of S5 (which is already out in the States) and we are now being apparently given this 3 movie box set earlier than the USA (and earlier than we would expect S5 on past experience).

Didn't JMS previously say that the plan was to release all 5 movies in one set, with commentaries for tG and ItB to make up for the fact that most fans would have the actual movies already?

Guess Warners decided that was too much like hard work.

Well, I hope that's wrong, since it lists them as standard 4:3 format, not widescreen. ItB was widescreen, so I see no reason why these shouldn't be too!

I also read somewhere (on these boards I think) that they planned to release ALL the movies (including tG and ItB again).

Oh well, I guess we will have to wait & see...
This could be a cheap push to get them all on DVD cheaply (pan+scan, no commentries), then release them again in a widescreen box set with 'extra features'.
IIRC, the first set of VHS releases in the uk were all TV format, with a widescreen boxed set release in time for Christmas. I'm personally holding out for the Crusade box.
Has there been any word on a Legend of the Rangers DVD release?? Amazingly, i've yet to see it, as i don't have Sky Movies.
Actually, Play.com does get some things wrong. They say the dvd's have Dutch audio tracks, which is not true of course.

So, I think In the Beginning and The Gathering will be on the boxset as well. Maybe the price will go up a bit, but a release date in August sounds possible to me. They also did that with the VHS releases: first the movies, and then the fifth season.
i came on here to post the exact same thing.

I think as TG and ITB have already been released on R2 then i agree with the person that says they are gonna release the other 3 movies together with minimal extra features.

And i also think that all the movies will come out in a bumper boxset with loads of features next year or something.

I own the first two movies, so seeing this boxset on play got me giggling like a school girl.

Oh yeah, and i also took advantage of choicesdirect's special offer, although the delivery has been delayed by a week because of the boxsets being faulty ie, containing two disk 2's etc.

Season 3 is dispatched today, and season 2 will be dispatched on friday/monday.

The choicesdirect.com offer was great!

My Season 3 arrived the day after I ordered it, with no problems - all the discs held firmly in the packaging. I've watched all the special features and am working my way through the season now.

Once I am done, I'll order the region 1 version of Season 4, owing to the fact I want the same packaging for all 5 seasons.
IIRC, the first set of VHS releases in the uk were all TV format, with a widescreen boxed set release in time for Christmas.

IIRC, the widescreen boxset (along with boxed sets of the VHS releases of S1-5) was only available in HMV stores as an exclusive deal between them and WHV-UK.
I do remember seeing them in WH Smiths, but at the time those two chains may well ahve been merged. Who owns who on the UK high street is fascinating, really.
ok, so i order season 2 + 3 from choices direct.com on the 15th of april......... got season 3 a week late and im still awaiting season 2!!!

they are bloody useless, they say its warners fault, but i dont see CD.com doing much more than inform me of the fact and offering to cancel the order for me!! what happened about keeping the customer happy? offering a discount on a further purchase or something? when i finally get my dvd's ill wont be using them again!
ok, so i order season 2 + 3 from choices direct.com on the 15th of april......... got season 3 a week late and im still awaiting season 2!!!

I got the same problem. I ordered S3 for myself, and both S2 and S3 for a friend of mine, who just recently got into B5. Now I'm thinking about letting him have my S2 copy, so he can at least continue in the story.
Sorry you had a problem with them, my S3 order was the first thing I'd ever bought from them - it arrived the next day, so I don't really have a right to complain...

DVD.co.uk on the other hand, I've had a problem with them the last two times I've ordered from them - I think I'm just going to stick with Play.com :D

TvShowsonDVD.com posted today that Babylon 5: The Movies set is coming Aug. 17. They also have a small picture of the artwork up. It looks similar to the sets for the series.

Oh my... I just hope that B5 S5 R2 will be released soon... I just can't wait for R2 version of it. Hope it will come in this year... I mean, all five commentaries... cast & crew.. yeehaw? :cool: :D