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Tru Calling


Just ordered Tru Calling season one, kind of a late christmas present... i heard the show was cancelled mid-season :( Anyways, anyone knows when season two will be aired?
Only a few episodes were filmed of season two. By all accounts they'll never be shown, unless I imagine if the entire lot is picked up by another network for reruns.
Six episodes were shot. DVD sales for Season 1 weren't bad. Show was supposed to be restarted on last Nov 19, in it's Thursday slot. They then said Jan 2005. Now, it seems to be early 2005 (Jan-June in code). So, Anthony speaks the truth, it's getting jacked around. If DVD sales are good enough, you would think at least the 6 will be released on DVD. Perhaps they will take a chance with those six, and it may have one more chance depending upon reaction to those 6. Season 1 really heated up at the end, season 2 was set to start in a great way.
The trouble is Fox is doing its usual, of just evading the topic. I think it's highly unlikely they'll air them, but they avoid the question by keeping this ambiguity around.

Eliza Dushku has said it's canceled though, so I'd go with her on this one. The writing is clearly on the wall even if Fox haven't used the C word.

Its ratinsg went up a lot in season one, but I think Fox just got cold feet between seasons. It may be that they didn't like the season two episodes that were being scripted, or just didn't have the faith that the show could grow.

So I think this state of ambiguity will go on, and then one day Fox will just be like "Tru what?"
I'm in mid-season one right now... just finished "Drop Dead Gorgeous", so i'm in the middle of season one. I'm so pissed off at FOX, so so pissed. In just a few episodes Tru Calling has become one of my favourite shows, and I didn't expect that at all.

It's just so fun, witty, and beautiful. The typical "older sister getting the brother out of trouble" theme, yet so fresh. I never get tired of Harrison's antics. Tru is great too... so much better Buffy, and a true heroine, without any real superpowers and making a difference. Seeing Eliza's new character, I just realized what a slutty and shallow character Faith was. Totally below her. She truly shines here, and I sense she is only going to get better. Lindsey's awesome, very cute, I love how the different days show her insecurities and contradictions. The characters are so alive in this show... you really sense that you are getting to know them. Davis is so funny too - "I can't work on alive people, they freak me out!" - :) And they are not vampires, they are not slayers, they are regular people . That's what I love.

The story is so touching, and not only the overall arc. The episode about the father trying to find a heart for her daughter really got to me. I dunno if I'm crazy, but Tru's character, in reaching out to the people she helped, seemed to reach out to me as the audience.

Well, as i said, i'm in the mid-season, and i'm told some changes are gonna happen in a little while and it's gonna get much better. Maybe i'll report my thoughts when I get to the finale.

Anyways: FOX, seriously, F-U. You always cancel the best shows. Angel, and now Tru. Die.
Fas, yes, it's going to become deeper very soon. You will get more history on Tru's family, and an arc revolving around Tru's Powers. The last 8 episodes really step things up, and by the end of the last show of the season, you'll really be blown away. There are 6 episodes in the can already for Season 2, and Fox says they'll get around to showing them sometime. Point Pleasant apparently appealed to them more than Tru Calling, as that's what they gave Tru's time slot to.
Yep. It was struggling in Season 1, and the Powers that be, asked for a "name", and so they changed the story a bit, to bring in Jason Priestly, rather than allowing the character already established to develop into that role. Jason Priestly was brought in for the last 7 of 20 episodes for Season 1. Fox liked what they saw, and renewed for season 2. Season 2, was supposed to start showing November 19, but after filming 5 episodes and getting ready to film a Christmas episode, they changed gears, and said they were delaying it until early 2005 (some stories said early January). Last week, they admitted they were jacking Tru Calling around, because Point Pleasant was a better fit to go with The OC, and they would get around to showing the six episodes already filmed for Season 2 at some time.

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