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Tru Calling Season 2 finally (Only 6 episodes)


Well, finally, Fox has decided they have no choice but to show the Tru Calling Season 2, 6 episodes they filmed, and of course, they will be using Point Pleasant's time slot, that was stolen from Tru Calling. Thursday March 31 is the 2 hour premiere, instead of two reruns of the OC, and then at 9pm on Thursday for a few more weeks. Rather short notice, so, it seems they really aren't interested in viewership, eh?

Awesome :) Eliza and Jason Priestly had so much chemistry, I can't wait to see their work on this season.

Great show.
The rivalry between Jack and Tru has really been stepped up in this 6 episodes (seen 3 so far). It's really a shame they chose to try Point Pleasant, rather than let Tru Calling build on the legs it grew in the last half of last season.

The setup they started Season 2 episode 1 with is really good, and another twist was revealed last night in episode 3.
Damn FOX, damn, damn, damn. Can't wait for the other 3 episodes, but that'll probably piss me off even more, since they obviously will leave it hanging, since it was cancelled after the episodes were in the can.
Okay, I've now seen chunks of the last two episodes, but that's all I've ever seen of this show. I think I like it (and I really liked the fact that Jane Espenson's writing for it), but what's the story? Assume I know nothing beyond the fact that Eliza Dushku stars. Bring me up to speed.
Well, the pilot starts with her mom's funeral and she's a little girl. Her mom says something to her, about it not being her fault or something comforting. Then it flashes to modern day. She's supposed to go to Medical school, and have an internship at a hospital or something, but that falls through and she's offered a job at the morgue. Once she takes the job, a dead person (Hudson Leick who played Calisto on Xena) calls out to her from the refigerator drawer and asks her to "Help me". This causes Tru (Eliza's character) to rewind back to the beginning of her day as she's waking up. The premise of the show is for her to figure out how to save the person's from dying. Twists and turns in most episodes. Some feel the first few were weak and predictable, but, I thought the show was pretty strong from the start, with a few rough spots). Eventually her brother and boss find out about her "gift" and they help here and there. She goes through a few boyfriends, you find out where her gift came from, and they bring in Jack (Jason Priestly) as a nemesis who tries to prevent her from saving the life. She doesn't win everytime, at least 6 people in 23 episodes so far she failed at saving. Lots of twists and turns in the arc once Jason Priestly joined the cast around episode 13, I believe.
They gave it the original 13 episodes and one character was supposed to develop into her nemesis (one of her boyfriends). They decided they liked that character as he was, and asked the show runners to bring in a big name as her nemesis when they gave season 1 an additional 7 episodes to make 20. This Big name was Jason Priestly. The first season went out on a slightly high note, and renewed it for season 2, which was supposed to start showing in November. After putting 6 episodes of season 2 in the can, they decided to delay showing those six, and shut down production, because they thought Point Pleasant was the same type of show, but, fit with the OC better. Well, Point Pleasant worked out poorly, so they are now showing the six episodes they made for Season 2, in the time slot it was originally scheduled for (The one Point Pleasant took away from it). Since all the sets have been torn down, and cast and crew have moved on, it's unlikely they could put the show back together cheaply enough for them to want to bother.
So in other words this is just the last spasm of life before death.

Shucks. And it looked passable.
As per TV Guide, FOX is pulling Tru Calling again BEFORE the last filmed episode.
TRU BLUE: As if those crazy Tru Calling fans haven't suffered enough at the hands of Fox, the network has decided to pull the serial thriller off the air after this Thursday's episode — effectively cheating them out of seeing the show's sixth and final original installment. Adding insult to injury, Fox is replacing next week's Tru finale with a repeat of The Simple Life: Interns! I'm beginning to think someone at Fox really hates Eliza Dushku!

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