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Tripping the Rift


I'm flipping through the channels and I got to the Sci-fi channel. I saw these CGI characters and the first thing I heard one of them say was something about chronic masturbation. I watched on some more and then there's this chick faking an orgasm. Finally I see a preview for another episode of it and find the show is called Tripping the Rift.

What the hell kind of show is this? I've never seen or heard anything about it, and it seems very odd. Anyone else seen this show? I'm surprised Sci-fi is showing something like this, but then again I never watch that channel so I have no idea what they show anymore.
They've been airing commercials for it the past couple of months. Of course, not watching Sci-Fi would easily explain the lack of knowledge of this. :D

Anyways, it's a show that, if I'm right, is based on some short that aired.... a few years ago? I dunno what it was a part of, but... Hell. I don't know. I just looks incredibly stupid, yet the episode I saw (which I believe was the first one) had a few decent moments. Mind you, I only watched for about five minutes. I also have a feeling I won't be watching again, unless I'm desperate for SOME kind of humor.

Oh yeah.... the show's about some purple thinger that has a ship and does stuff, and there are many "humorous" situations that involve various types of humor, most of them crude, with the occassional "OMGWTFBBQ!!!11 Iknowhedidn'tjustsaythatbecauseitseemstobecontroversialholycrapsomethingsomething" moment thrown in.

You're better off waiting until Sunday night to watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Or reading a book. Or mowing the lawn with matches and gasoline.
Well we are speaking about the same channel that had LEXX.

Yeah it was a internet cartoon short , that was on scifi a few years ago at the release of star wars as they were looking at best star wars short movies oh whatever on thier television show that aired internet short movies.
It's South Park 2 with a even more radical political view point and more Raunch. Supposedly the first short was a submission to a playboy contest that actuaclly win, think it was also the best animated starwars short on the sci fi show too. They sadly expect more of it a whole lot more , it did good in the ratings Thursday Rattings And considiering its probably cheaper to make than scare tactics or Mad mad house think it be around at least as long lexx. Just hope that Mad Mad house gets dropped QUICK preferbly with scare tactis too don't need more reaility television espicaly one trying to have a science fiction bents.