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trilogy (literature)


In High school (uk) we read a trilogy of books and i am trying to recall the name of the books .... can anyone help me ?

all i can remember from the books is that there was a character called Merriman , It was set in cornwall , there was two children in it (dont know the names) The boy was a chosen child i think , and it had a very arthurian quest - type feel to the story . I remember that Merriman featured all the waythrough it but it wasnt clear until the end what side he was on . I know it was good vs evil and there was a kidnap scene in it . Also they had to find something like a chalice or something to stop the evil-doers . Does anyone recognise what the book could be ?
thanks and any help is much appreciated :)
Me thinks me scent the wry sense of humor........but incase not, the books you read were part of a 5 book set beginning with Over Sea, Under Stone.
The series is called The Dark is Rising sequence....titled after the second book in the series, which lays out more clearly who Merriman is, brings another person into the story, and leads into the book Greenwitch, which is followed by The Grey King, and finally Silver on the Tree. ;)

If in jest, then all I can say is har har..... :p
actually i was not joking ... Why did you believe i was joking ? . i am happy now :) i have been informed of the titles ... and i have read them all . Brilliant books from what i remember .

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