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Tremors 4: Can someone just kill me?


Beyond the rim
To fans of Tremors...if there are any...I appologize. But, I just have to ask, Why? Why make a tremors 4? Can't we just smack ourselves in the head with a hammer or something? It's just as good.

The original tremors movie was...ok. Nothing spectacular, but alright. Tremors 2...ok. Worse than the first, but ok. But they made a tremors 3? A tv SERIES? :eek: And these previews for tremors 4...may The Great Maker save us all...
"Quick our Tremors franchise needs some life!"

"Yes, but what can we do?"

"Another movie?"

"We've already got three."



"Ok, how 'bout this, people like stuff like this: We'll do a movie but make it a prequel instead of a sequel. It'll be big! Everyone'll wanna know where the worm things come from!"

"Great idea."

And then they woke up.
Oh, come on. The original Tremors movie kicked ass. The second was about equal, and gave us a twist in the form of the Shriekers. I won't be so quick to protect the third though. I can't say I find flying things that propel themselves through the air via their asses to be a BAD idea, per say, though calling them Ass Blasters was... well, a three-year-old could've probably done better. I dunno how well this fourth one will be, though. They might do something good with it, but I somehow doubt it'll work as well as the first two, or at least just the FIRST one.

And yeah... the series was no big whoop. It had it's good moments, and might've been a decent show, albeit a slightly stupid one, if given some more time to grow. I think one of the bigger things working against it was that many were probably still irate at Sci-Fi for booting Farscape (and I think it's probably safe to say still ARE, but THAT is a story for another time). Or maybe it was just crap. At least it was better than Black Scorpion... Of course, I can't think of much that ISN'T better than that in some way.
I liked the first one but the rest..unfortunate.

My advice is do the same thing you do as when giant billboards come to life and wreak havok, just don't look.
You know, I was WONDERING why this was even posted, since Tremors 4 was announced some time ago. Just thought Elizar was looking to bitch about something. ;)

Imagine my surprise when I find out it's actually airing this... well, tonight, actually. Chalk it up to the fact that I don't watch Sci-Fi as much these days, I guess. And having finally seen a commercial or two (I think it was about 7, actually), it actually looks alright. Well, as alright as it could possibly be. At least, it looks to be more enjoyable than the last few movies Sci-Fi aired on Saturday night.