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Trek / B5 actor cross-overs


Wow, look, I started a thread in a B5 forum! I haven't done in that in, like, forever. The DVDs certainly do have me thinking about the show again.

I wanted your guys' help in compiling a list of actors who were on both any of the Star Trek shows and Babylon 5. I'm going to list what I remember off the top of my head and y'all can fill in what I'm missing. I'm going to leave out most of the actors' actual names because I can't remember things like that and I don't feel like looking it them all up now on imdb.com. Maybe I will after I get the list.

1. Most obvious one- Walter Koenig as Chekov and Bester.

2. Majel Barrett (sp?) as the nurse on TOS as well as the commader in the pilot, Luaxanna Troi on TNG and DS9, the computer voice on a couple of Trek series, and a Centauri prophetess on B5.

3. The same guy played Wayoon on DS9 and a Psi Corps telepath in season 1 who helped expose the corrupt Earthforce investigator who tried to wrest control of B5 from Sinclair.

4. Pat Tallman, aka Lyta, did stunt work for Trek.

5. The guy who played Elric the technomage was a Klingon (possibly the first Klingon?) on TOS.

6. I think the same actor who was the captain of the other Excalibur-type ship in A Call To Arms was also Warf's brother.

I know there are more, but I'm drawing a blank for now. But I know you folks can come up with the rest. :)
I could name so many. :) Neroon plays a Cardassian.

Oh, I'm done for now. :) I will provide more when it's not so late.

Lochley was a Cardassian too.
6. I think the same actor who was the captain of the other Excalibur-type ship in A Call To Arms was also Warf's brother.

He played Jake Sisko as an old man on an ep of DS9.

John Vickery also played a Cardassian, Damar's aide towards the end of DS9. Quite a few cast members ended up in s7.
The actor who played "Weyoun" and several other DS9 characters (Including Quark's nemesis Ferengi, Brunt) played Harriman Gray in B5 season 1's episode "Eyes". He also plays Dr.Herbert West in the cult classic "Re-Animator" movies.

Tony Todd plays Worf's brother "Kern" in TNG and DS9 as well as Jake Sisko as an old man.

Andreas Katsalus plays a Romulan commander in TNG and some guy in Enterprise (see recent news).

Julia Nickson (Catherine Sakai) plays a woman on the planet in the DS9 episode "Paradise."

Pat Tallman did all kinds roles for DS9 and stunts for Star Trek: Generations.

Julie Caitlin Brown was on several DS9 episodes.

Mary Kay Adams (the other Na'Toth) was also on DS9.

The list goes on and on...

Andreas Katsulas played a Romulan in TNG.

General Hague played a Admiral-type guy in Trek.

In "Severed Dreams" the guy who played Major Ryan's first officer played several roles in Trek.

First, he was the "boy in helmet" in TOS episode Miri
He was in 2 DS9 episodes (different roles as aliens)
He played a Lt in an episode of Voyager
And the one I remember MOST is he was the officer, who at the very begining of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, asked Kirk if there was going to be a "ceremony" when they docked back at Spacedock.
Dwight Schultz played Amis in the B5 episode "The Long Dark" , and played Reg Barclay in Star Trek Next Generation and Voyger.

Also, Brad Dourif played Brother Edward in the B5 episode "Passing Through Gethsemane" and Lon Suder in Voyger.
Bill Mumy was in DS9 as a Red Shirt (I think it was red). It was interesting to see him with hair.

The first Anna Sheridan played the sister of Tasha Yar in Next Gen.

Lord Kiro was a Q in Voyager.

Luietenant Matheson played some astronaught in Voyager.

As you can tell, I love playing 'Spot the B5 guest star'. :LOL:
Adrienne Barbeau played Romulan Senator Cretak in DS 9 episode: "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" (# 7.16) also played "Amanda Carter" in B5 episode: "A Spider in the Web" (# 2.6).

Marjorie Monaghan played "Freya" in ST Voyager episode: "Heroes and Demons" (# 1.12) also played Mars resistance Number 1/Tessa Holloran in season 4 & 5 of B-5.

Bruce McGill played "Captain Braxton" in ST Voyager episode: "Relativity" (# 5.24) and "Major Ryan" in B5 episode: "Severed Dreams" (# 3.10)
The guy in Eyes who played Weyoun and played someone in voyagers tsunkatse ep, and someone else in Enterprise (which I'm not following quite as well) is calld Jeffrey Combes
Nice, folks, keep 'em coming!

Some of these I would never have known, for example I never saw the DS9 ep with future-Jake. That actor is so memorable that I definitely would have remembered him.

Thank goodness for the new DVDs.

But there are three big ones I can't believe I forgot:

Katsulas as Tomolak. *slaps forehead*
Catherine Sakai = chick sent to bed Sisko
Anna Sheridan mark I = Yar's sister
The actress who played Dodger in "Gropos" and "Day of the Dead" was a pirate in TNG's "Starship Mine".

The monk/Ranger in the future in "Deconstruction..." played an alien tactical expert in TNG's "Peak Performance".

Jeffrey Coombs also played a Ferengi named Brunt on DS9.
Vaughn Armstrong-Nightwatch guy has been many characters in various episodes of TNG through Enterprise

William Morgan Sheppard-Soul Hunter was Dr. Graves in TNG The Schizoid Man

Theodore Bikel-a Rabbi and Lenonn was Worf's foster dad

Clive Revil-Trackus was Sir Guy in TNG episode Qpid

Robin Curtis-An alien ambassador was a mercenary in TNG Gambit 2 parter

Simon Billig-A ranger was Hogan in Voyager

Robin Sachs-several characters in B5 was General Valen in Voyager

Josh Clark-a Brakiri general was Lt. Carey on Voyager

Tricia O'Neil-Earth Alliance Pres in ITB was Cpt.Garrett in TNG Yesterday's Enterprise and a Cardassian on DS9

John Schuck-Draal#2 was a Cardassian on DS9

Bernie Casey-Cranston was Cmndr. Hudson on DS9

Ron Canada-Cptn.Pearce has been in TNG, DS9, and Voyager

David Crowley-Lou Welch was in TNG

Glenn Morshower-Franke was a tactical officer in TNG

Roy Brocksmith-some religious guy was the Stratagama champ in TNG

Big enough list for you? ;)

There are others but I'm tired of thiking right now and I might have to use the IMDB for those.
Theodor Bikel was also the devil in Frank Zappa's 200 Motels. :D

That is another one I should have remembered.

That is quite an impressive list there, man. I can't even recognise half of the characters! (I wasn't kidding when I said I was bad with names, folks.)
Carolyn Seymour, a favorite of mine from the film The Ruling Class, played Senator Crosby in the B5 ep Endgame, and had numerous Trek parts, she played Mrs. Templeton in three eps of Voayger, and had three different roles in STNG.
Ron Canada-Cptn.Pearce has been in TNG, DS9, and Voyager

He was also one of the original TOS klingons... don't remember which though

Also the Future Jake guy/ Worf's brother Kurn was Tony Todd...

J. Patrick McCormack (General Leftcourt) played "Prax" in Voyager's "Counterpoint" and a commander in Star Trek: Nemesis

Reiner Schone (Dukhat) played "Essoq" in TNG's "Allegiance" (if you can tell under all that makeup)

Caitlin Brown (Na'Toth from S1) played "Ty Kajada" in DS9s "The Passenger" and "Vekor" in TNG's "Gambit parts 1 and 2"

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