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Trailers Wanted


Does anyone have, or know where to get, some of the TNT and Sci-Fi trailers for B5?

One of the ones I would like to have is the one when it first started its run on Sci-Fi and announced something to the effect of "a story this big can only be told in widescreen."

I know there is Limewire and Morpheus to look on, but those programs suck and are the devil. Limewire is annoying because every time you find a file you want, you can never connect to the mofo who has it, and Morpheus installs lots of other crap on your PC that you cant get rid of.

Anyone with any good leads to getting clips of the trailers please let me know.

I know the widescreen promo your talking about, I used to have it as well as the GKar TNT promo, a season 5 TNT promo, and then all the crappy 5 frame per second promos from TNT's website, and of course the ones from babylon5.com

Unfortunately I no longer have them. Maybe someone will make DVD rips of the Trailers from the dvd's, but even so, I wouldnt nkow where to get those. I'm getting the DVD anyway, so I ahve no use for them on my computer. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Hmm, I'd offer to have you come rummage through my fairly massive B5 tape collection since we have just about all episodes from both the TNT and SciFi runs. I am sure the promos you are looking for are on there.

However, it might be a bit far for you to travel. /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
I made a post about a month ago, looking for that same trailer. I love that one! /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Thats a pretty cool site there, too bad there in real video. I refuse to use Realvideo, it uses way too much memory, and everything newer than G2 doesn't work in window media player, ah well.

About peer to peer programs: Get yourself Kazaa lite. It can do everything Kazaa can but it was cracked by a russian guy - everything what usually is installed along with Kazaa was removed - It's "safe" to install it.

Kazaa Lite