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Trailer on TV in January


Because of the holidays and so many repeats, I suspect many of us haven't been watching much TV. But now that it's January I would imagine the trailer should be everywhere. Have you seen the Ranger trailer lately on TV?

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The Twilight Zone marathon over New Year's is actually one of the Sci Fi Channel's most successful programming "events".

The Rangers promo ran in the episodes I saw.

I have seen the ad quite a bit, but then I'm watching Sci-Fi quite a bit (or taping it actually). Did you know the original eps of "Outer Limits" is following "Crusade" now? Monday-Friday. I'm in heaven, that only takes up one program on my vcr timer! Yippee!

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I'm glad they ran Ranger ads during the Twilight Zone marathon, since it seems to do so well in the ratings. I really appreciate SFC's support of Rangers--it's great!



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I 've seen the rangers ads and they're great I'm on pins and needles waiting for the 19th to come .