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Tracy Scoggins interview


SciFiDimensions posted an interview with Tracy last month that I hadn't seen posed here (or anywhere) before and thought I would share:


Here is a little teaser...

A true Southern woman, Tracy Scoggins is a contradiction: Intellectual and athletic, composed and forthright, refined and racy. She's refreshingly real and, for a woman who has spent some time in outer space (not to mention Hollywood), delightfully down to earth.

Tamara Holly: It's obvious what your fans get out of a convention such as this [Dragon*Con 2002]. Why do you come?

Tracy Scoggins: Sci-fi fans are so devoted and so courteous and so respectful, how could you not like it? And coming from Texas, I'm used to talking to everybody. When I first moved to New York, I was with Elite Modeling and John Casablancas came up to me one day, [in a quite convincing French accent], "Tracy, you talk to everyone, people are going to think you're a hooker!"