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Top-selling TV on DVD titles - 2003 YEAR-END

But most of the shows on this list are the ones you would expect to be the big sellers - Buffy, 24, The Sopranos, CSI, etc. I would never hace expected B5 to compete with those shows in terms of sheer sales numbers.

However, for WB to consider the sales of B5 DVDs as a success-story, they would be looking for two things:

1. A good profit on what they spent on the sets.

2. Sales to be higher than they expected.

The success or otherwise of B5 on DVD was never dependent on it selling more than BtVS, only on it selling more than WHV were looking for it to sell.

I wouldn't be too down about the fact that B5 Season Sets aren't in the top Sales Figures. They sold enough to Produce all 5 Seasons, All the Movies, All of Crusade Series, and had a big enough Dollar sign that Warner has gone back to the Mill to restart the Franchise in some Manner (IE: B5:TMoS, plus isn't there a second project out there that we haven't even gotten cryptic clues about? I believe back in Sept(?) when JMS first indicated B5:TMoS was somewhere on the horizon, two projects were mentioned).

So, I wouldn't be disheartened at all about the exact Sales Figures ;)
I'm really surprised to see Band of Brothers at the top of the list! It's definitely one of the greatest shows to ever hit television, and I consider it the crown jewel of my DVD collection. I mean, it's almost $10 million ahead of the second place one, another TV great.

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