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Top 5 battle sequences


well, I think this had to be done sometime:

mine are:

1. Severed Dreams battle--nothing needs to be said about this one.

2. Lines of Communication-- Delenn's first encounter with the Drakh--this ep was on yesterday. An amazing sequence (whitestars vs. the Drakh mothership). "who ever said we were going back to babylon 5?"

3. Shadows Dancing--the first time the fleet engages the Shadows. Who can forget the look on Sheridan's face when he sees the destruction left at the end?

4. Between the Darkness and the Light-- Ivonova vs. Shadow Earth Destroyers--I've only seen this ep. once, but from what I remember, the whitestars engaging the hybrids was really cool.

5. Endgame- Sheridan's forces finally take back earth. classic.

and no, tele-movies don't count. but they have some amazing battle sequences (the most memorable part of Thirdspace IMO was the climactic battle).

so list em!

for #2 I think you want "Lines of Communication", and for #4 i think you want "Between the Darkness and the Light" (but im not certain) and #5 is "Endgame".

I'll get back to you with my 5 soon as this needs some careful diliberation....
1)destruction of Narn Ships
2)bombing of Narn
3)Severed Dreams- ships
4)Severed Dreams-hand to hand fighting
I love the end of the Battle in "Shadow Dancing" where there is just the music over everything. That was cool. Not something you see in TV very offten. /forums/images/icons/cool.gif

I liked the battle in Sighns and Portents, but Severed Dreams has more ships and is longer. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

I like the part at the end of "Endgame" where the Agamemnon flies through the explosion. One of the single best FX shots in the show. /forums/images/icons/cool.gif

I don't see why TV movies don't count. There going to have better and longer battles, Its a bigger budget! The battle at the end of A Call To Arms is very good and so is all of Thirdspace!

[edit] I just remembered the Battle in the Crusade Episode "Each Night I Dream of Home". That was good. [/edit]
Go ahead and feel free to list the movies as well. I just thought that they would blow the regular eps out of the water... (because of the higher budgets)

but my favorite battles from the movies are:

1. Battle of the Line (ITB)
2. 2nd Battle of the Line (w/ Drakh & planet killer) (CTA)
3. Thirdspace final battle (only good part of themovie IMO)
4. I'll try to think of some more, but none of the others can match my original top 5
IMO season2 CGI was the best because later seasons they used oxygen-explosions which were unrealistic compared to seasons1-2. ("Thirdspace" vs. "The Fall of Night" is good example)

I'll list a top6:

#1 The Long, Twilight Struggle
#2 The Coming of Shadows
#3 Severd Dreams
#4 Endgame - superb non-battle CGI in this episode /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
#5 Shadow Dancing
#6 Messages from Earth

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2. Lines of Communication-- Delenn's first encounter with the Drakh--this ep was on yesterday. An amazing sequence (whitestars vs. the Drakh mothership). "who ever said we were going back to babylon 5?"


I like two other lines she says later better ... "Be faster!" and "End this." The tone of her voice, the look in her eyes ... Delenn is NOT someone you want to be on the recieving end of her rage!

As for my favorite battles ...

Have to go with "Severed Dreams" as #1 ... it's one of my favorite episodes and such a dramatic sequence, especially with the sacrifice of the Churchhill (was that the right name?) as was mentioned in the other "favorite" thread ... reminds me of the Thunder Child from the book "War of the Worlds" ...

The rest in no particular order ...

* "Into the Fire" ... the sequences were nice and lots of ships of many races and finally Vorlons against Shadows but mainly I love the story and dialogue: "Captain ... they're pissed." And at the end when the first ship to sacrifice itself for Sheriden is a Drazi Sunhawk ... I mean ... when the Drazi are willing to die for your enemy ... just give up the cause, it's pointless. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

* "Endgame" ... Marcus's White Star on Mars with Lyta outside ... the disabled EA fleet without a shot ... and the final battle against the defense platform ... especially with Sheriden willing to sacrifice himself to save the Atlantic seaboard ... I'm noticing a trend to battles I like ...

And others ... like "Lines of Communication" and "Shadow Dancing" (mentioned alot above) ...

Per season ... 1) Had to be the Starfurries vs the Raiders in the first episode with Mr. Morden. Good Starfurry battle near the station. 2) the season finale mainly because of the intense drama 3) The battle outside B5 after it breaks away ("The Battle of Seccession"?) 4) Reclaiming Earth 5) I'd have to say the Drazi and Narn assualt of Centauri Prime ... not really a battle but the tension and drama was so high there and given how we saw the planet in the future we knew what might happen ...
Can there be 5 top battles? Once you've seen Severed Dreams...is there anything else? Well, okay, hang on and let me get my list.
For ship battles:
Severed Dreams
Between the Darkness and the Light
A Call To Arms
Battle of the Line

Personal/hand to hand only two:
Sheridan in 'Face of the Enemy' (I get choked up every time)
Boarding fight in Severed Dreams.(ditto)

Those two sequences are absolutely riveting and heart wrenching. Just as the battle sequences are power packed and stirring.
JMS never pulled punches in a fight. He put it right out there, the victory and the agony all at once.
::sigh:: It's going to be tough trying to top any of that in the future of sci fi television.

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