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To all B5 fans who like to write and review

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Hi all. You know me from posting on here once and a while. Well i have always wanted to make a web site which was a center for sci-fi show info and reviews. I started a bit of work on it a few months back but got side tracked. I dont want it just to have present shows but as many sci-fi shows as possible past present and future. The site is going to have a description of each shows episodes, reviews and a rating of 1-5 stars/moyas/shadows or whatever :). Of course i want to have the major shows like Treks, Farscape, Babylon 5 and Stargate. But i dont want it to be a copy of scifiguide.net(Which is a good site by the way). If i get more then 1 review for a episode ill post it. I want it to be the ultimate place for sci-fi/Fantasy fans to get info on episodes. There are fans of all different sci-fi and fantasy shows out there which are still running or were cancelled like Buffy, X-files,Crusade, Andromeda, Mutant X, EFC, Seaquest, Space Above and Beyond, First Wave, The Chronicle, Nowhere man, I-man and so on and so on since im proably missing a lot. Over the years there have been a lot of these types of shows and fans for all of them. I hope to eventually make it a ultimate guide. But i need some help doing this as i can only do so much and a few series i never watched at all. I need some help from volunteers to do some stuff. I am going to be doing ST:DS9 over time, Enterprise, First Wave, Jerimiah, and some other stuff from everything else as well. If you would be intrested in helping out give me a e-mail to CaptDS9E@nyc.rr.com and put help with web site and the name of the show. You dont have to do every episode. Just do what you would like and even if i mentioned im doing something for a show i can always let another intrested party do it and i can do something else. All people that help with get there name put on the staff page, and on the page for whatever item you do so everyone can see it was was you who did the work. Hopefully i can get this off the ground. Its a project ive wanted to do for a long long time


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