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TNN's Oblivious


TNN\'s Oblivious

Anyone watch this? I think this is the best game show on tv. Freaken hilarious. Premise of show for those who don't know - an undercover host pretends to work (florist, hotel clerk, sushi chef, wwe wrestler and the like) and talks to customers. In the course of the conversation he asks them 5 questions. For each correct answer they receive $20 when he reveals that they have been caught on tv. He also gets contestents to become hosts. It's all quite funny.
Re: TNN\'s Oblivious

Humiliation tv is not my thing. Reality tv is really ruining television entertainmnet, IMHO. Geeze. No wonder I watch the news then turn the tv off. /forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif

Sorry, as far as this show goes, it doesn't sound nearly as bad as some.