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Okay... :LOL: I've tried and tried to get my time to stick, but doesn't want to do it.

On my home page it says the current server time is 1:29AM on the 13th. My clock says it's 5:29PM...on the 12th. I already had -8 hours from the server time, but my posts always list the server time instead of my own, and it just looks weird. You guys all seem to have different times.... :D is there a trick to this?
I've been having problems with the time lately too. Yesterday I had to set it for 3.4 hours off Greenwich mean time just to get it to be a couple of minutes off my computer clock. Then when I signed into the board again later, the time was all whacky again. It appeared to be all whacky when I signed in again just a few minutes ago, but I didn't try to figure out the exact time difference.
We had a hard disk die yesterday. Some oddities happened, like the server time went off for some reason.

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