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Beyond the rim
The original puppet series Thunderbirds is something I have very fond childhood memories of, so naturally I was very curious about the upcoming movie.

Previous trailers showed a fun campy style for the film, which could have made it an enjoyable ride.

But alas, the newest trailer reveals something very, very disturbing about it. Go over at quicktime.com to see for yourself.

(Trailer spoiler coming up)

As it turns out, the new Thunderbirds film isn't aimed at people that remember the series from their childhood: it's for people that still are in their childhood.

The premise is that all Thunderbirds pilots get killed off early on, leaving only Mr Tracy and his twelve-year old (or something) son and two of his friends that now have to go off and save the world.

I never thought this movie would be Shakespeare, I imagined it would probably be aimed at families but I never pictured it being solely a kid’s movie. Ah well...
Yeah. I loved the tiny teaser trailer, but hated this full one. I will go and see it despite myself.
Gerry Andersons non-involvment in and dislike of this movie is well documented, and understandable when you think what could have been done with the franchise, and what we are getting. look at the trailer and see for yourselves...
Sounds like they are making Spy Kids in big ships.

Thunderbirds is an ancester of Londons Burning, which is an adults show.
I think early reviews have not been good, and the studio knows it has a bit of a potato on its hands.
Sounds like they are making Spy Kids in big ships.

That was my first thought too, Spy Kids does Thunderbirds. It's such a shame that they've chosen such a daft script because the visuals look spot on. I'm very impressed how they've managed to translate the visual feel of the series. In fact I might betray my principles and go to see it if only to see Thunderbird 2 flying around the place.

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