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"Through the Wormhole" Science Channel


Has anyone taken a look at this series? The host is Morgan Freeman, and the subject matter is getting into some topics that few (if any) science-information-for-laymen shows actually try to cover. "Is there a Creator"? and "How Did We Get Here?" are some of the rather interesting subjects that have been covered so far.

The scope is rather wide, usually the episode kind of moves towards the topic in the title rather than starting there. Some theories that aren't often covered by science-info series are discussed here, with the scientists that propose and develop the theories.

I've enjoyed it immensely, and was sad to hear it must be a short series, as it concludes its first season this next Wednesday.

I'm sure it'll be repeated, if you're into this kind of thing and have access to USA's "The Science Channel" you may want to check it out. It's significantly less "dry" than most other shows of its kind.
I watched one ep and liked it. My DVR is just about full of movies right now, so I'll probably try to catch more as repeats.
I'd think you'll be able to Netflix it soon, too.

The last episode of the season is about how it will all end. Will dark energy tear the universe apart? That's what the commercial preview just said.

It started with "Creator?" and ends with the end. Seems appropriate. :)

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