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Thoughts on the trailer images


Beyond the rim
I've not seen the trailer (although I'll try the links later today on my home PC rather than the work one!) but I have read the transcripts and looked at the scans so far. This has kicked off a couple of thoughts which I want to share, and I'd also be interested in hearing what other people think!

Firstly - while I like the new Ranger costumes, which seem more suited to a very active lifestyle, I hope that they haven't dropped the long coats or cloaks. Apart from the echo of the Rangers in Lord of the Rings, a good long coat or cloak can be very useful if you're stuck out in the open and need to camp out for the night! I also have a thing for long coats - they just look so cool, particularly when swished dramatically!

Secondly - It may have been the quality of the caps (which was very good, but bearing in mind that it was a streaming video image...) but the makeup on the Narn Ranger didn't seem quite right. I'll have to have a proper look at those piccies again later...

Thirdly - I wonder if that "conference table" that they're all gathered around is actually their standard bridge positions. If so, it's definitely a different look, but I'm not sure how having them all bunched together will work dramatically..

Fourthly - G'Kar - Hooray!

Fifthly - Looks moody, with lots of action and movement.

Sixthly - Guess I'd better do some work!

Any other opinions or things that I've missed?

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Delbert:
the makeup on the Narn Ranger didn't seem quite right.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>I think it's the lighting. There's probably a red alarm light or something shining on her.

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