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Thought the B5: LOTR was Great (Major Spoilers!)



Spoilers ahead!

To cast & crew of B5: Legend of the Rangers, Great job.

The movie was full of action,adventure, drama, humor (much more then B5 or Crusade), and suspense.

Loved it.

My two favorite characters so far would have to be Dulann (sp?) and David Martel. Both had lots of great lines, the friendship between the two was very well done, and I can't wait to see more of them.

Also the rest of the crew had lots of potential, specially the weapons officer and the covert operations guy. The Drazi, the Narn, and the doctor didn't get much to do but hopefully in the series we'll get to see more of them.

Hope this gets picked as a series!

Cause I think JMS could make a great series out of this!

I know there are people who didn't like the movie.

To you I say, if it comes to series, give the show a chance please.

This is just the pilot and its main purpose was to set up the ship, characters, and background story.

I bet JMS has lots of great stories up his sleeve for this show!

Personally, like I said, I loved the movie.

It is now my second favorite movie, right after In the Beginning.

So here's to a series! *crosses fingers*

Favorite Parts of the Movie:

The Gunnery Pod---that was awesome, IMO. And I liked when the weapons officer went crazy and blasted all those mines. Also the part where they were riding the tail of the comet was awesome and I liked how she went under the astroid..that was amazing.

Dulann and the Ghosts--the sub-plot with the ghosts was very cool IMO and I hope they bring it back for the series. Just think about Dulann talking to the ghosts, the others not hearing, maybe thinking he's going a bit insane..and maybe he will go insane. Could be interesting.

Dulann and David Martel--Great friendship and the actors seem to play well off each other. Liked the part where they were talking and David hit his head, Dulann said, " Wonder how that happened?" and David replied, " Come up here and I'll show you."

Also liked the part where Dulann hit the panel after asking David why he hit the other one..hehe

Can't wait to see more of these two.

the Hand---the hand are mysterious. We only know what we are TOLD about them. I got to thinking and I have a theory that the HAND aren't as powerful as that Ambassdor says they are. I think its Hand proganda.

Look at A) The ships blowing up easily. Yes I know they are just toys the hand gave their minions..but still...

B) Why would they even bother with minions (like the Shadows did)? If they are so much powerful then the shadows..why not just go and blow everybody up?

I'm prob wrong but I wouldn't be suprised if the Hand were completly different from the Shadows. And not everything they appear to be...hehe.

Either way, hope the hand return in the series (*crosses fingers*). Could be interesting.

G'Kar---G'Kar was great. He was hilarous. The parts were he peeked under the hood of one of the Minbari and the part were he says Kiss Kiss/etc and then The Drazi ambassor comments on being around humans too long...great!

Also liked when he stared at the Covert Operations guy and the part at the end where he says, " No one there is exactly what they appear...but then again..who is."

Great. Also it was great to see B5 again.

Hopefully they will visit it again sometime in the series (*crosses fingers*)

Great movie! Can't wait to see more!



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