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Thirdspace Revenge???


Is it possible that at some point the Thirdspace denizens will escape to threaten the I.S.A. and everybody else? Who better to face off with the Vorlon Mistakes than our merry band of crusading Rangers.
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Well, nobody knows how many thirdspace jump gates the Vorlons built in addition to the one that got nuked by Sheridan.

The thirdspacers who got caught on the wrong side during both incidents probably didn't last long.

After the original "mistake" there was probably a bunch of First Ones chasing them (at least the Shadows who would have liked to use them against the Vorlons).

In the second case the few who survived the bomb had only fighters and were cornered by White Stars, Minbari cruisers and station Starfurys. I doubt if any escaped.

But if some thirdspacers would have remained alive (or been captured by Shadows) they would certainly like to go home or make normal space their new home... for which they'd have to build an entirely new jump gate. Quite difficult.

Besides, knowing the threat from thirdspace, the Vorlons probably added a few instructions to every telepath they created.

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I would love to see the Thirdspace aliens in action again. To me they were the most beautiful ships ever on B5. Especially the way they fired.
No disrespect, but the Rangers stand no chance if the aliens attack again. Although I do believe the Vorlons and other First Ones are still watching the Galaxy and what happens to the younger races. So they have to come back and stop them. They don't want 'em to take over the Galaxy, and after that the Universe.

It's just what I think (or want) what will happen. I thought about this before. I love fantasising what the fights between the First Ones and the TS-aliens would look like. (I believe they were called AnTi’Za, maybe Minbari for anti-life)

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I agree with you. 3Space is very good movie, I like it very much. But everytime I watch it, I have some feelings, that 3Space is not like other B5 episodes or movies. Something is missing.

I don't think we will see any Thirdspace aliens in the Ranger movie. The premise of the project is to help the races hurt by the Shadows and their allies to recover. The Shadows, as far as we know, had no contact with the Thirdspace aliens, so it's doubtful we will see any of them. I do believe it might be plausible, however. Both the Shadows and the Thirdspacers were dedicated to chaos and destruction. If there was another leftover Vorlon gate to Thirdspace, maybe they could figure out how to open it from their side and pay us a return visit. I don't think that will happen, however. I think the Thirdspace movie was meant to be a stand alone project, so I doubt we'll see any more of it.

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i think too that thirdspace is different from the "normal" babylon5 series/films
but i don't think that there is something missing
it's thrilling and the sound is good

but i can't imagine that we will see them in RANGERS
there is no reason to show them
i think there is enough stuff to bring in the new movie

i think it is better than the other movies(except ITB)


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It seems to me we already know Lyta's fate is tied up with the telepath war. If the opportunity arises, I think JMS will make a movie on that subject. Lyta and G'Kar travelled together for two years and then she returned to Mars and the telepath war erupted in which Lyta was killed. This has been stated with no details in one book of the Telepath trilogy,

Presumably G'kar continued wandering on his own and has come across something that prompts him to seek out the Rangers.

There was no chance whatsoever of the Shadows, or any other first ones, interacting with the aliens from Thirdspace. Ivanova found that gate on the way Home from saying "Goodbye and Good Riddance" to the First Ones.

You can be sure that, if there had been any Vorlons left when they found that gate, they'd have shown up. Judging from what they left in Lyta's mind, it scared them to death the first time around. They sure wouldn't have wanted anyone to open it again.

The Dialogue in the movie was pretty clear that the gate Had to be opened in Our universe. So, unless someone built (or builds) another, we've seen the last of them.
Since it took Vorlon tech to build the first, I'd say it'll be a long time before anyone is capable of building another.

Also, you can be sure that the Vorlons never built a second and that the other First Ones probably learned from the Vorlon's mistake. From what we know, it probably took More than just the Vorlons to beat back that first invasion. If they'd won on their own, I doubt they would have considered opening the gate such a big mistake.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by bakana:
If they'd won on their own, I doubt they would have considered opening the gate such a big mistake.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>If you started a fight with me over some candy, and you won but ended up with a broken arm, wouldn't you consider the fight a mistake?