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Thirdspace Aliens vs Vger and others


The most impressive and frightening aliens that B5 ever came up with were the beings of Thirdspace. They were like something out of H P Lovecraft story just the whole concept of them was very lovecraftian. I think that had the Vorlons not had the vulnerability to their telepathy,they had enough technology to take them down. The third space aliens would have had no problem against the Borge, because the collective would be easily susceptible to the thirdspace telepathy and present no challenge at all. The Berserkers especially the planet sized ones and their vast machine consciousness and c plus hyper spatial weapons would have done massive damage to the aliens of thirdspace but in the end would lost to them, because they would have been able to control the smaller berseker units and thus turn them on the larger ones. Vger would have been able to defeat them quite handily. he is many levels above both Borg and Berserker and would have not affected by their telepathy. They would have been as gnats to him, he would have simply digitized them
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