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Thieve's Honor(Spoilers)



Thieve\'s Honor(Spoilers)

I thought this was probably the best non JMS written episode yet. Having Theo kicked out by her own boys was a plot turn. Having her handcuffed to Jerimiah was pretty funny, and i look for her to be involved in a lot of future story lines. The best thing was Lee who is somehow involved with Vahallah sector is trying to get someone else convicted for treason. Its good to see Marcus realize he cant do it all. Its not is place to be god, and the council should make more decisions on there own

Re: Thieve\'s Honor(Spoilers)

What is interesting is the parallel between the 2 communities.Theo/Rasmussen's group,ends as it begins , essentially a "robber baron"setup ,with power held by a few. Whereas TM is becoming something better than it was, with the emergence of two of the three branches of goverment(Marcus/Lee; Executive Branch), the council (combo of Judicial/Legislative)motivated by their desire for justice and fairness.All in all a nice piece of writing.
Re: Thieve\'s Honor(Spoilers)

No one else has any opinions on the last episode?
Re: Thieve\'s Honor(Spoilers)

Actually I haven't seen it yet. /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif
I was out Friday night and taped it. I havent had a chance to watch the tape, but plan on doing so tomorrow night, if not then Thursday. I'll have to see it by Friday anyway. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif I'll post an opinion when I watch it.
Re: Thieve\'s Honor(Spoilers)

After watching the first episode, I never thought Theo was so bad. Ok, maybe I'm blinded by the fact that she's a sexy black chick with a nice body and a lot of attitude, but I like her. She was doing what she felt she needed to do protect herself and those she lead. Now, she is in place to be of much assistance to Thunder Mountain.

Eventually, Jeremiah & Co will help her gain control back and form an alliance.
Re: Thieve\'s Honor(Spoilers)

I would agree that this is probably the best non-jms episode so far (although I haven't seen City of Roses yet). Theo is developing into a very interesting character. I really liker. And she is likely to play part in the overall arc given that the last 3 episodes of the season feature Theo. The conseqyences of this epsode may have more importance than may seem at first. The development of the inner politics within Thunder Mountain is very interesting too. It is starting to transform into something resembling a government. What's interesting is that it this may give them an advantage in the forthcoming conflict or, having caught TM in the moment of political transition, such a conflict may bring complete disarray.

I did thing, though, that Deborah was accepted way too easily. I mean TM is very careful about new recruits and Erin was pretty definite about the lack of possibily of Deborah being accepted. Yet, a mere recommendation by Jeremiah, who himself is a newbie and who knows nothing about Jeremiah, seems enough.
Re: Thieve\'s Honor(Spoilers)

Finally got around to seeing my tape of this episode from last Friday. I liked it, a lot. Id say its in my top 4 so far. Seeing several different sides of Theo was very interesting. I think there are some cool things in this character's future.

Apparently Sarah from the pilot was meant to be in this epsiode...I was just wondering if I missed her.
Re: Thieve\'s Honor(Spoilers)

Originally posted by CaptDS9E:
<font color=yellow>I thought this was probably the best non JMS written episode yet. </font color=yellow>

I agree and perhaps that was why I was so harsh in my review for the following episode (The Touch). I really like Theo and this episode made me like her even more. I love her attitude and now I understand a little more about why she has it. I am really looking forward to the season finale and wonder where she will stand in all of this?

Originally posted by Genesis:
<font color=yellow>Apparently Sarah from the pilot was meant to be in this epsiode...I was just wondering if I missed her.</font color=yellow>

Hmm, no you didn't miss her. I think that the information I had which indicated she would be in this episode was from very early on. I just don't think that Tricia Helfer (Sarah) worked out for some reason or another. *shrug*

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