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There is no God...




Rap legend Ice-T is risking his massive reputation on his latest recruit - middle-aged former beach bum David Hasselhoff.

The original gangsta believes he can turn the ex-Baywatch star into hip hop's next big thing.

Ice and Hasselhoff, 51, are neighbours in Los Angeles and have struck up a close friendship.

The rapper - real name Tracey Morrow - told The Sun: "The man is a legend, we are going to show a whole new side of him.

"He's gonna come out as Hassle the Hoff.

"The Hoff will surprise people with his rap skills and humour."

The Hoff meister is no stranger to the music industry having conquered Germany through his soft rock skills.

And he notched up a no 35 hit in the UK with If I Could Only Say Goodbye in 1993.

Oh my God. That just made my day!

*wipes tears from eyes from laughing so hard*

Ok, I'm going to try to take this seriously for one second *snicker*:

There are so many great DJs and producers in the biz now, both underground and mainstream. I'd love to see an experiment where some talented people collaborate on Hasselhoff album- but he has to have almost no creative control. Drown him out with great music, where his rapping will be sparse and humurous.

I'm sure the remix will be a hit in German discos.

It could be infinitely worse - he could reinvent himself as a Prog Rocker...

"And here is David Hasselhoff, with his newest recording, the 25 minute 'Life On The Beach'! All you hip and happening people had better watch out for his really adventurous section in 3/4 time - wow!" :D
With Michael Portnoy on drums. That guy is on everything.

Hasselhoff wanted to call his crappy prog album Love Beach, but than ELP beat him to it.
Love Beach! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Mike Portnoy has got a lot to answer for...

I was thinking more that he would put together a double album: The Babe Lies Down On Venice Beach , all about an ageing lifeguard who comes out of the change room, only to go on a number of weird adventures, involving really strange people...

"There is hot sand under my naked feet.
The babes are soft and warm,
- makes me hot with heat.
A Hollywood producer wants me to join Pink Floyd.
Imagine Pamela Lee Anderson stripping down... on celluloid."

:D :p
Perhaps he could refrain from doing original works and do what William Shatner did. He can just do a few covers of more well known rap artists, then read some Shakespeare. This, my friends, will be the true next big thing. Or something like that.
Hah! Nice.

I heard David Hasselhoff is forming a supergroup with Shatner, Carmen Electra, and that guy from Miami Vice who also sings. They're called Trans-Atlantic Beach.

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