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Theo was married to Theo

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Its funny when you go back and watch a cancelled tv show and see people from newer shows that you didnt notice before. For example i am watching the Dark Angel dvd set and Kim Hawthorne was on Dark Angel . She was married to a guy name .....Theo. laughed at that one. Also Lauren lee smith from Mutant x was in a few episodes. There was another person but i cant remember at the moment

That is funny! I like catching people from Jeremiah in other shows and since I don't watch Angel I am glad you pointed it out. :)
Funny thing, I was also on Dark Angle. I played Johannsen, in Reds and Rising. I was the leader of a group of South African super soldiers trying to capture Max.
Yes Alex i knew you were on there. Ive pretty much spotted you on everything i watch :)

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