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Then let there be books!!!


I can hardly contain my disappointment and anger.

I greatly appreciate those of you have demonstrated such benevolence toward the SciFi Channel, and maybe WB. I've already written to SciFi that I am no longer watching their channel. Yes, I know some of you would consider this an over-reaction. So be it! It is done; it is how it shall be!

I do not wish to give up all hope for the B5 universe. While I'm not an avid reader, I found great pleasure in reading the B5 books. I very much hope that JMS will endorse and oversee an avalanche of canon B5 books so that the story may be told.

Perhaps, a network will later embrace creation of new B5 video material, based on the books and/or entirely new material. I want more B5. So, let there be books; let there be many, many books!!!

I'd love it, myself, but who will publish them?

As I understand, the current publisher is rather lukewarm about B5 books, as the sales haven't been stellar. (Not horrid, but not great either.)

I do think we'll see future tv movies or even a series set in the B5 universe, but I doubt books will spark a revival.
I don't know about publishers. However, I think it might be fun for us to list book ideas.

Obviously, I'd like to see the Crusade and Ranger stories told in anthologies.

Additionally, I'd like to see a story about the Vorlons. I actually have a story idea for an anthology and even considered fooling around with an outline and maybe a manuscript, but with no intent of publishing it. It involes out favorite Vorlon Kosh, his brother, his parent, and insight into how the wars with the Shadows twisted the perspective of both the Shadows and the Vorlons.

Another obvious book would be on the Telepath War. Single book or anthology?

I'd also like to read a book from Morden's perspective, giving us further insight into the adventures, proving us new threads and altered perspective.

Does Ivanova do anything interesting after she leaves B5? Hmmm?

Akin to the 'Hand' in the Rangers anthology, I'd like to see another story/anthology/book where an advanced race from another galaxy seeks to dominate. They're far too powerful for the Interstellar Alliance. Can the First One's be persuaded to return temporarily to help fight them off? How? How many must die before the First One's get off their mountain and lend a hand? Or will they? What role might Galen play in this? Could Jason Ironheart have a role in this?

Another volume or two for the Technomage anthology telling of Galen's encounters with the Shadow's servants. What does he do with that ship that he 'liberated'?

An anthology about Valen/Sinclair spanning the Shadow war that was.

I'm sure I could dream up many more ideas but why don't I stop and read other peoples' ideas.


A couple of those ideas were explored in short stories.

Last year, I heard suggestions they were considering collecting those in a B5 anthology, but nothing solid yet.