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The V(orlon)-Files


In "The Gathering," Delenn gives Sinclair some information on the Vorlons. What precisely was in those files? Certainly she didn't say anything about the Vorlons helping against the Shadows, and I doubt she mentioned that the Vorlons were beings of light. So what was in the files? The conversations she'd had with Kosh over the previous ten years? The Vorlon-Valen link (although not many specifics, of course)? The fact that the Vorlons were better left alone, because that way they didn't smush you?

Any thoughts?
It was probably information that wouldn't have any bearing on the approaching Shadow War.

Stuff like:
"The Vorlons are xxxxx xxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx xx x xx xxx and a very old race. They xxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx, and xxx xxxxxxx for xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx x xxx, and do not allow other races into their space."
She probably just had info such as the Vorlons were helping the Minbari watch for the return of the Shadows and the coming war or something like that.
Didn't she specifically say "This is all we have." or something like that ... which would be a complete lie (unless she argues she's stretching the truth that it's all she had with her at the moment) and I don't see an excuse she was saving someone's honar. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
She not only told Sinclair, "This is all we have" she added, "It isn't much". The Minbari certainly would not be giving the Humans any information on Vorlon technology at that early stage. I was probably basic data like the exact location of the Vorlon Homeworld, a sanitized chronology of Vorlon/Minbari contacts, more detailed information on their atmosphere, the externals of their encounter suits, etc. Some of the files were probably filled with legends and theories about the Vorlons collected from other species. The Humans themselves knew next to nothing about the Vorlons ("We have files, big ones. They're mostly filled with empty pages.") Any relatively harmless data that Delenn could slip Sinclair would be more than they already had, which genuinely helps him, and also gives him one more reason to like and trust her. At this stage (2257) Delenn is still more Satai than she is Sinclair's friend.

Despite their claims to the contrary and their own self-dellusion, the Minbari lie all the time, often by omission (which Dukhat condemmed as worse than an ordinary lie.) Thus they don't warn anyone about the Shadows, refuse to confirm G'Kar's suspicions, mislead Sheridan about Anna's fate, etc. As long as they think they are doing so "for a higher purpose", the Minbari can lie with the best of them, and rationalize later.


JMS could probably make an X-files type spinoff about the Vorlons. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
Most probably about where the vorlon borders start and what to espect if you crossed the border or maybe it was something simple like dont ask a vorlon "who are you" or "what do you want"

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