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The unusual suspects

As an attempt to shore up your contention that the word "corps" somehow makes Psi Corp analogous to a military organization... well, let's just call it "unpersuasive". :)
You appear to have missed this paragraph in the wikipedia Peace Corps article.
After the September 11, 2001 attacks alerted the nation to growing anti-U.S. sentiment in the Middle East, President George W. Bush pledged to double the size of the organization within five years as a part of the War on Terrorism. For the 2004 fiscal year, Congress passed a budget increase at $325 million, $30 million above that of 2003 but $30 million below the President's request.

See this speech by Bush

When talking about the US Peace Corps you may wish to consider some of its more dubious activities - I only learnt about the US Peace Corps as part of hearing about these activities.