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the tribe


did any of you see the episode last week? i missed it and i wanna know what happened. also, could someone tell me the tribe website address?

anyway, a disease kills all the adults in the world, and some kids. so the kids and teens that are left have to survive. there's few places to work, there's no currency, many people don't have parents or older siblings to take care of them. it's on W.A.M. on direct tv
Okay, I can't believe I'mn admitting to this in a public forum, but yes, I watch the Tribe! It's my secret-fandom-shame, okay!!! It's actually a pretty interesting series, a sci-fi fantasy show for kids, which I still watch, despite being 21! But, see the actings gotten so much better than it used to be, and they really do have some very complex characters! I swear!

I haven't seen that episode yet, though shamefully I did record it, so I may be able to update you at some point. But Tribeworld often puts up fairly decent recaps of episodes.