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The Telepath War...



Little is known of this conflict. Hints were given on the show. It was suposed to be a war in which telepaths would try to conquer the rest of humanity. This idea was reinforced in "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father" when it was revealed that the corps had a secret fleet of ships in hyperspace.
It was learned that rogue telepaths rose against the corps in "The Path of Sorrows". And that the corps was destroyed as a result.
So what was it?
Breen-your ideas are plausible, but try this: what if it was started by normals/mundanes? Maybe the Psi-Corps was prepearing to move, but someone like Edgars hit first? Just a thought. I have *no* idea what it's about, and isn't that the point? If we had all the answers, then the human race as a hole would commit mass-suicide! So be content with the knowledge you have.....or not. What the hell am I talking about? I have not idea. Heed not the insane ramblings of ummm, well, me, i can't think of an appropriate title right now, so 'me' will have to do. to quote a friend of mine "SHUT UP DAVE!!!!!"

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good answer!

Religion is the opiate of the masses.
I believe the Telepath War was exactly that, a war between two groups of telepaths. When Lyta returned to Mars she had accumulated a vast amount of funds with the help of Garibaldi. She, with the help of the other runaway telepaths set out to destroy PsiCorps. We know that the Headquarters was blown up. We also know that Bester spent the rest of his life on the run so we therefore assume Lyta succeeded in her quest. What we don't know is whether or not the regular forces (or mundanes) were ever involved, although I suspect that they had to go in and clean up the mess.

Someday we may get the answer to this in the form of a tv movie.

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The telepath war was between two groups of teeps, we learn both this and that Lyta was a rebel leader in the psi corp tril. The alliance got involved as well which Bester reveals in his musings.

The teep war seems to be reserved for a feature film.

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Spoilers maybe

I agree with Doc Gonzo. Except, I think Lyta was THE leader of the rogues. Plus the trilogy also reveals the 'apparent' fate of some majors players in that war and story. Read it if you haven't! I find it all interesting, I hope and can't wait to see a big screen movie on it. JMS once said the story was huge!

Also as far as the two sides in the war, the rogue teeps and the Psi-Corps teeps, that was foreshadowed in the episode "Wheel of Fire" Afterall the deal between Garibaldi and Lyta IMHO tells us these two are the cause of it.

My bet is the war starts once Lyta returns to the Sol System

PS: if you can find a copy of the short story "The Nautilus Coil" read it! It takes place sometime during the teep war, a couple of major plot points are discovered, plus my personal favorite, we get to see what the post-deal relationship between Lyta and Garibaldi feels like! I love it!

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Well, the fact that the PsyCorps was disbanded and a whole New set of rules for telepaths was set up after teh Teep war, we can assume that Non Telepaths got involved in a big way.

If nothing else, the war spilled over and caused a few civilian casualties.

The war probably also exposed just how crooked and ugly the PsyCorps really was.
The end result was apparently an attempt to at least Pretend telepaths are just normal people. They can work any job they want, pursue any career.

What they Cannot do, under any circumstances, is read anyone's mind except another Telepath.

Segregation didn't work, so they've been "Mainstreamed".

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What Jomar and Bakana said. And remember that before Lyta left with G'Kar, part of her deal with Garibaldi was that he assemble a FORCE she could use against Psicorp. Whether she was the head of this force, as seems likely, or one of its control structure is just speculation.

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I just don't see why the story hasn't already been told. Like he could ever make a theatrical movie out of it.

Why waste telemovies on something like "River of Souls"?
<table bgcolor=black><tr><td bgcolor=black><font size=1 color=white>Spoiler:</font></td></tr><tr><td><font size=2 color=black>Well from what I got out of the Psi-Trilogy is that the mundanes really didn't know what to do about the teeps and the telepth war until close to the end. Both sides had some rather questionable people. The rogues, well, they were rogues, a danger to mundane privacy, on the loose with no reason to abide by Psi-Corps rules which were set-up by mundanes to begin with. Look at the things Sheridan got Lyta to do. As far as Psi-Corps many people didn't trust them either, but the real stories eventually came out about Lyta's Vorlonic background and Bester's dark operations. I'm sure most mundanes didn't know what to believe or who was the lesser evil. Remember, Bester does have something on Lyta. From what I can tell from the last book it was Lyta's sacrifice in Path of Sorrows? (sorry I just think she was the explosion) that ended the war and solidified a Rogue victory. I'm sure Garibaldi had his little brigade from the force HE financed and raised for Lyta, but according to their agreement Garibaldi got Bester and Lyta got the Corps. I think its Lyta's emerging leadership that helped the rogues win.</font></td></tr></table>

"You cannot stop someone who's been touched by Vorlons!"
"I tried so hard and got so far, in the end it doesn't even matter."
It was a war between teleptahs. The result was a greater freedom for telepaths, though old prejudices die hard. Unless we hear more from JMS, we can assume the better change lasted and Bester's predictions did not come true. Only problem was that some old P-Cops managed to slip through the cracks. That was the worst problem as far as I'm concerned.

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PsiProne, could you add a few words before the spoiler box to note just what kind of information the box holds? Like "spoilers if you haven't read the Psi Corps trilogy" or something like this?

Otherwise it's hard for the people to guess whether the box contains spoilers for them or not.

As for the Telepath war... yep, it certainly seems that it was a war between the Corps and the rogues, leading into less rigid rules for the telepaths. But the details... I sure would like to know more as well!

I'm sure we'll get that story some day, in one or another form. Should it become completely clear that a theatrical film is out of the question, then I suppose we will get either a telemovie or books about this - it's too important a story to be left untold.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Like he could ever make a theatrical movie out of it.
Why waste telemovies on something like "River of Souls"?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

At the time River of Souls was made, S5 was going strong on TNT, the reruns were doing well, ItB and The Gathering had pulled ratings far in excess of what was expected, and Crusade[/] was in the offing.

The show was finally on a national network, new fans were discovering it, and the future of the B5[/] universe looked brighter than it ever had. Warner Bros. was very interested in a theatrical flim with the original cast. Not long after they paid JMS to write a treatment for a big-screen B5 adventure. (Which he has since confirmed was about the Vorlons, the Teep War and other things.

So a B5 feature is hardly a pipe-dream.

After the Crusade mess the B5 universe pretty much imploded. Sci-Fi was unable to acquire Crusade and the B5 reruns. TNT insisted on sticking to the letter of its exclusive contract for B5, holding onto the show but moving it to increasingly bad time-slots. B5 Magazine, Netter Digital and Amazing Stories (the only independent magazine the published B5 short fiction) all went under within months of each other.

B5 all but disappeared from public view. Plans for a theatrical film were quietly shelved, as were preliminary plans for a DVD release of the series.

Now the reruns have been back on a national network for over a year, it is attracting new fans again, the DVDs are moving forward, a new TV movie has been made and there is a chance of a series.

While JMS has said he will consider a TV movie or a novel (possibly another trilogy)* as a way to tell the story, his preference is clearly for a feature film. If Rangers becomes a series and the DVDs do well, I think the odds of that happening will improve tremendously. Warner Bros. was very taken with the idea only three years ago, when the show also seemed on the verge of becoming more mainstream.



* (probably because the story is "too big" to be told on a TV movie budget, and he'd rather tell it "off-screen" than tell it poorly. One of the reasons he's kept this story in his back pocket is that it is the last major B5 story that would involve nearly all of the original cast. He's always said that he considers the "big payday" of a theatrical film one way of rewarding the cast for all their hard work on the series. Also the Teep War is the only "big" stand-alone story that could appeal to people who haven't watch the series, which is vital to the success of any TV-based feature film.)

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