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The Simpsons: The Movie


Looks like there's a strong possibility of a Simpsons movie in the next couple of years. Not much info as it's still in the very early preliminary stages and hasn't even been guaranteed yet.

The Simpsons Movie
I'm a huge simpsons fan, imho the best show ever made. That being said this makes me uncomfortable. The show now can be amusing but just isn't in particularly good shape anymore. The episodes are hit and miss and I often sit through them more out of loyalty than a sense of being entertained. There's far too much cringing. I'd hate to think that a movie indicative of recent years would be the first thing the Simpsons would be remembered for.
The article I read said that they would be bringing back several writers who left the show. That could be a good sign. I mean, didn't Conan O'Brian work as a writer for them? Not like he would take the time off from his show to help write this, but a man can dream.
I had no idea that Conan once wrote for the show. I'd think it would be something he'd like to do though if it ever did go to the big sceen. If they can do for a Simpson's movie what they did for a South Park movie I'll be happy. I thought Bigger, Longer, and Uncut ruled!
A Simpsons movie would be great! I've been a Simpsons fan since way back when it was short clips on the Tracey Ullman show. To kick back in a theater and O.D. on The Simpsons-ah, bliss!

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