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The Shield


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I'm sorry, but The Shield is too fucking good. :)

I've finished season one now, all 13 eps, and it was great from start to finish. Always just a wonderful level of intricacy in the characters' relationships, and just a whole load of "gray". No good or bad, just lots of gray. :) It's cool seeing people who thought they were very good, or whatever, drawn into the gray area as they realise life isn't so simple as good and bad or right and wrong. And that in itself isn't a highly original plot device, but the writers do it so well.

The actors are also great. Every one of them.

Being objective, the only "complaint" I could level at it is that they solve some crimes too easily. Often it's just ask some clever questions, and the bad guys roll over. Not quite that easy me thinks. But I really don't care, as the focus is the characters and the outside stories are more supporting that cause. This never negates my enjoyment of the show.

All good. :) Definitely one of my favourite shows now.
I missed the first couple of eps for season three but I've caught on with the last couple. It is a great show. I often find myself rooting for someone than turning around and asking myself why.

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