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The Shield


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I've only seen three episodes of the Shield, but I already like it a lot. Which is unusual, as cop/fire/ambulance things aren't normally my bag.

I think it's the mix of characters that works well. And it's meant to be gritty and dark, but I don't find it that way. On the contrary, it feels accessible... which is probably why I like it. I don't like these soulless, "gritty" shows.

Special award has to go to CCH Pounder. She's just an amazing actress... whatever role she's in, I find she completely commands that I watch the screen. She could read a shopping list and make it interesting.
Good shows have a soul and good, well-drawn characters. That has nothing to do with whether the show is "dark and gritty". They are independent variables. Gritty shows that are "soulless" are what I would refer to as "bad shows that are supposed to be gritty". That's because if there aren't good characters, about whom you care what happens, then the "grit" isn't going to be effective anyway.

I like The Shield a lot. It does get *very* dark sometimes, though. A couple times they showed things that were disturbing enough that I found the images hard to shake when I went to bed that night (although that might not have been until the second season, now that I think about it). That does NOT happen to me often. I definitely would not allow children to watch it (make case by case decisions for older teens).

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