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The Shadow Within: Re-print



The novel "The Shadow Within" is nearly impossible to find (I know because I've searched dozens of online used books stores and ebay). I was wondering what it would take to get a reprint of this book.

I would think you would have to get Warner Brothers approval, as well as the authors, but who else? Would a petition to get a re-print have any effect? I'm sure a few of the people here are looking for the book, including Joe D.

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Well, I've already proven that I don't understand how this kind of fiction licensing works.

But here's what I'm pretty sure of:

Del Rey currently has the license to publish books based on the B5 universe. But they didn't publish The Shadow Within, so they can't reprint it.

Dell used to have the license, but let it lapse. So they can't reprint any of the books. But they still presumably hold the publication rights to them.

Jeanne Cavelos's position in all of this depends entirely on her original contract with Dell.

I don't think Warner Bros. necessarily needs to be involved here, but they might.

It seems to me that the folks we'd have to tackle are those at Del Rey. If they are convinced there is a market for the book,they can make whatever arrangements they'd have to make with Dell, Cavelos and Warner Bros.

Since Warner Bros. licensed Del Rey to produce B5 book-length fiction, they can't publish a book themselves, or force Del Rey to do so. Neither Cavelos nor Dell is in a position to initiate an effort to reprint the book, although one or both might be able prevent that from happening.

I don't put much faith in petitions, but if folks want to send snail-mail (which I think makes much more of an impact) here's the address:

Steve Saffel
Del Rey Books
1540 Broadway
NY, NY 10036



Joseph DeMartino
Sigh Corps
Pat Tallman Division


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Heh yeah I would love if they reprinted this also.

I have been looking at allot of different place's for this too and I assume otehrs have been as well cause when I find a book it is sold real quick..

There are a couple palce's I am on a waiting list for but others must eb as well cause they always beat me to the prize heh..

We will find it


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