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The rest of the B5LR cast is announced


<font size="+1">The rest of the B5LR cast is announced</font>
<font size="3">Plus Dylan Neal agent confirms lead role</font>

Sci-Fi Wire has announced the rest of the B5LR cast, as well as confirming the previously reported Dylan Neal and Alex Zahara.

The site reports that Miriam Sirois, Dean Marshall, Warren T. Takeuchi, Jennie Rebecca Hogan, David Storch, Enid-Raye Adams, Gus Lynch and Mackenzie Gray have all signed on. Expect more information on them soon here at B5LR.com.

Meanwhile, I spoke to the agent of Dylan Neal, who informed me that Dylan Neal does have the lead role, that of David, as first outlined on our show overview page.
Great to hear! Geez! What happened to Andrew Jackson?! Well, Warren T.Takeuchi turned out to be a correct candidate for "Li Chen"...

Yeah, after getting excited by all the hype around here about Andrew Jackson being on the show I'm a bit deflated, now.

Well, I'm still optimistic. Gonna go find out about the cast, now.

Chris Springob, I couldn't find any mention of Myriam Sirois either on LG. I did a search for both 'myriam' and 'sirois', but there were no mentions of either in any credits of B5.

She's apparently listed as Miriam Sirois in the IMDB:

Her credits include 'Akane Tendo' in 'Ranma 1/2', and the link you gave to her picture is on a page dedicated to 'Ranma 1/2', and she is listed as the voice of 'Akane Tendo' on that page, so I guess it's the same person.
Weird that she's on that page also as Miriam Sirois, and then on her picture it says Myriam Sirois. Perhaps a spelling mistake? Or she just uses both versions.

The link that I provided to the picture of Miriam/Myriam doesn't seem to work consistently. If you have trouble, go to http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Flats/5632/
Then click on "Voice Actors", and then on "Miriam Sirois" (who does the voice of Akane Tendo). As for the SciFi Channel press release saying that she'd been in B5, maybe they screwed up, and meant to say that about Andreas Katsulas. Or maybe since she's a voice actress, she did a voice on B5 but never appeared on screen, and thus doesn't get to be in the actors index. Or maybe she was an extra who stood in the background and didn't have any lines.


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