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The Plague in other species


Beyond the rim
The other day while watching ENIDOH, Franklin mentioned the plaque being different for each species it infects. What cures on species kills another. My question is:

what is being done as to curing wildlife on Earth?

I realize that curing humans would be top priority, but even if humans are saved, do they need to cure all forms of wildlife on Earth to prevent the plague from spreading. If the plague can jump species, than if humans are cured, could the plague jump from an infected dog to it's human owner.

If this is the case, then I assume that they would have to find a cure, and a resistance to the plague so that humans could not catch it again in the instance I explained above.


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not to mention what it would mean to Earth's ecosystem not to cure the plague on the other species. Itwould eventually turn the palnet unlivable.
By the way, what about the non-human, sentient live forms that weere visiting the planet? The minbari, nars, etc... tourists and visiting alien businesmen?

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>By the way, what about the non-human, sentient live forms that were visiting the planet?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Complete quarantine over everything. Humans and aliens, beings and materials. Everything touched would have to remain within the quarantine zone.

Any possible cure would have to stop the infection everywhere. Rooting out trillions of molecular machines so that none is left... is quite impossible, at least on a planet. Making a biological life-form immune to nanomachines is also nearly impossible. They work on a level beyond the reach of an immune system, hence overcoming any immune systems with little effort.

Therefore I think that all possible cures would have needed the "cooperation" of the plague itself. Exploiting some way which the Shadows had reserved for directing it. This would have required help from someone familiar with Shadow technology to:

1. Fight them with similar nanomachines.

2. Create a harmless strain which will mix with the existing one, delivering them the command to stop functioning or become harmless.

3. Send them any other signal which they will interpret as an order from the Shadows to stop.

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Once to cure was found it would be no problem releasing it into the atmosphere which would cure the animals....
Now the reason why I say this is most probably they would have to some sort of nano technology to defeat the nano virus,do what the Drakh did and release it the atmosphere and let it hunt down and destroy any nano viruses......

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The other way of attacking the virus is that all purpose anti-Shadow weapon - the telepaths. It may be possible to jam the virus whilst the doctors administer some form of antidote.

Andrew Swallow
well once the plague is cured for humans its simple to cure for any other species since all species on earth share simular dna codes also they dont care to worry about it jumping cause once it attapts to live on earth it can not change- unless it mutates but if its enginered, it probably wont do that on its own

Well, if it truly IS being directed by some central computer (That did seem to be where jms was going), then the TRUE cure is to find that computer and either Destoy it or take control of it.

Taking control would be the best option, just in case the naonvirus has a doomsday routine that tells it to Kill if the central computer goes offline.

Once they have control of the central computer, they have to find a way to instrct the nanovirus to Leave the host and die.

You don't want a billion nanoviruses dying in your bloodstream, eitehr, just in case they leave behind a toxic residue.

One of the hallmarks of the nanovirus is that it Can infect any species. It doesn't Have to "jump" species. It's already built to do that.

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