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The "other" Star Fleet


I hope you like your 80's premium cheddar.:cool:

I used to love this show as a kid. In my opinion it urinated all over anything Gerry Anderson ever created. I wouldn't mind seeing a live action version of it with CGI. Barry Hercules is clearly Shaft and John Lee is obviously Friar Tuck. I thought I'd post it here as the main ship (X Bomber) is in some ways a little reminiscent of the Excalibur. It boasted an impressive weapons array, apart from anti astro fighter turrets (ala Star Wars):

Main Beam
Laser Torpedoes
Shields and Top Turrets
X Impulse

Oh... and three fighters that merged into one giant butt kicking mechanoid.:D

People often mistakenly think that Brian May sang the original end theme tune... but that is only because he actually released a commercial cover of it.:eek:

I'd be interested to know how many people outside of Japan and the UK actually saw this in its entirity (there are a couple of heavily edited down tv movie versions... but they aren't the same).
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Excellent show,quite dark as well and wasn't afraid to kill off major characters.Good story arc and Dai-X kicked arse.Did it not take out Makara's battlecruiser in the end?

The original song was by Bow Wow and the Brian May cover features van Halen.

The Skull was a pretty cool ship as well.
Dai X flew into the mouth of Makara's cruiser and punched into oblivion from the inside out. All the while, Lamia merged with Captain Halley to become siome higher being and took on the Alliance's Emperor opne on one.
Never heard of this show or seen anything about it. Looks like a cross between "Thunderbirds" some of the Japanese "Godzilla/Gamara" kind of effects but with puppets. Reminds me of "Team America: World Police"

Also has some Voltron elements to it from the looks.
Well the show was Japannese where it was known as X-Bomber.

I think there was 24 episodes in total.

The Emperor's Planet Spaceship was pretty cool as well.

Well worth watching if you get the chance.
I've got it on a non commercially made DVD. If the full series ever came out... I'd buy the commercial version. Although I don't own a copy, it's the same with The Mysterious Cities of Gold (which will probably never happen because the master tapes are lost, which is all the more annoying because the BBC pulled a few episodes because of cartoon Incas being fried by an olmek flying machine.)

I always wanted one of these!
I remember the original full run of cities of gold, and Star Fleet.

It was superb, but my memories are very sketchy, being left only to bizzare ITV re-runs.
i remember cities of gold, barely, but "starfleet" or whatever is totally new to me, though it does sound cool, guess i'll have to search for torrents of it.