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The One: First Ones or Not?


All the recent talk of First Ones brought an old question of mine to mind. My friend Christie who got me interested in B5 in the first place posed this to me: are Sheridan/Delenn/Sinclair First Ones?

Now I'm including them all because there's compelling evidence that they are all aspects of the same being, or at least very closely connected. Most of the evidence for the idea that they are First Ones, however, applies to Sheridan.

We have several hints here:

At one point Delenn tells Sheridan that they are "old souls." It might just be rebirth in the Human and Minbari races.

Sheridan's body was never found, and there's legends that Valen's body was never recovered either. Delenn we don't know about.

Sheridan, at least, gets to go beyond the Rim. That might be because of the bits of Lorien and bits of Kosh in him, though.

Perhaps the most compelling yet the least reliable, in Londo's dreams in "the Very Long Night of Londo Mollari" Sheridan turns into a ball of light and disappears, just as the Human does at the end of "Deconstruction of Falling Stars."

Now personally I believe that what this all adds up to is that these three, the future-bringers, were really among the first to reach the level that the First Ones did, but they were not First Ones themselves. If that makes sense.

Then there's another idea, even stranger, that Sheridan, Delenn, and Sinclair are in fact Lancelot, Guenivere, and Arthur, doomed to be reborn until they get it right, "getting it right" being that Arthur gives way for Lancelot. But that's even wilder.

Anyway, just a conversation-starter or two, I guess. What do people think?
No they arent First Ones.

Perhaps the First Ones came back for them and "took them beyond the rim" with them because they felt that they deserved it or something, but they weren't First Ones.

The entire story is about individuals making a difference. They were just people like the rest of us, who took the younger races and helped advance us to a greater destiny. If they were first ones, it would mean that humans and minbari were NOT past the third age, because we didnt do it on our own, we had help.
I remember Zathras calling them The One in WWE part 2. He called Sinclair "The One Who Was", Delenn "The One Who Is", and Sheridan "The One Who Will Be". Now, that could be only because each of them served as Ranger One at one point, but I think it's more than that.
If they were first ones, it would mean that humans and minbari were NOT past the third age, because we didnt do it on our own, we had help.

My thoughts precisely. I envision the One as being three people who were normal to begin with, but did such cool stuff that they were exalted after death.

Now, that could be only because each of them served as Ranger One at one point, but I think it's more than that.

Yes, it's more than that. There have been lots of Ranger Ones -- Lennon and Ivanova are the two we see -- who weren't Entil'zha. Sinclair (both as himself and as Valen) was Entil'zha; Delenn was Entil'zha. I'm pretty sure Sheridan got made Entil'zha eventually; he's as much of a future-bringer as the other two, if not more so!
was it ? i thought it was anpther council .. a coincil of the rangers
I think GShans is right. I seem to remember reading a thread a long time ago. The way the Minbari structure their work is through counsels. What we saw was a Rangers council.
mmm... it if was a different council i think it would have been stated in the movie. What i dont get is why the grey council, that supposely rules an entire planet, wastes time deciding who deserves to be removed from the AnlaShock.
I wish I could remember the source, but I think it might have come from a JMS post at another site. Yes, this was a Rangers council. It looks like the Grey Council only because it is structured the same way the Grey Council is. Much like we have committees of, say 9 people. Well, not every committee of 9 is the Honors committee. Some are committees for Student Activities, some are the college Senate committee, etc, etc. We just tend to have committees, that's the organizational structure, that's all.
From this JMS post, 13 Jan 2002:

<font color="orange">"It just occured after the commercial for B5:LOTR:TLADISL /---/ was the captain being tried by the Grey Council?"

No, that's not the Grey Council; it was the High Council attached to the training facility in Tuzenor on Minbar. The Rangers had been under Minbari guidance for a thousand years, that ain't gonna change in just a couple of years. The ISA controls the use of the Rangers, but their training and discipline and organization is Minbari.

jms</font color>
How do you do that?
I can never find what I am looking for when I do a search at most websites.

Thanks, Kribu. - from Krabu.
Had you clicked on that link, you'd have found out.

From JMSNews.com, the invaluable archive of more or less all JMS posts to various newsgroups over the years.
Hmm. I didn't even notice you had a link there. Not too swift this morning is hypatia.
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