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The Ninth Gate


Just watched this. Fascinating film.

Just a couple of things I thought I would get people's view of.

The Woman. Who is she? Angel, or deamon and why was she helping Depp's character?

What happened at the end? I'm assuming Depp entered the Ninth Gate. Then what?

Is this film taken from a book and is it any good? Does it go into more detail about the three books?

General comments about the film are welcome, I've only watched it the once.
I watched the movie a long time ago, but from what I remember I was under the impression the woman was a demon of some kind.

The movie was sorta good, but I was bored in a lot of portions of the film.
I've only caught parts of it. Accordingly, I don't understand at the end why Langella's character thought he would be invincible and was not.

The whole thing was a test to see which person was worthy to open the gate, she seemed to be there to give pushes when needed and to observe. At the end of the movie Depp is going to preform the ritual for real, assuming there are no more tricks to be played.
I saw this too, (friday, channel 5 right??) and was undecided.
It looked goregous, the shots were amazing, and Depp was excellent. However, it descended into general sub-hammer lameness, and it was very unscary throughout.
The girl was the devil. Period. In the last frame we see here riding a beast with many heads, a direct reference to Revelations. The green eyes, and always smiling when he does somthing bad, as well as appearing with lots of flames behind her was a bit of a giveaway.
She was pushing him along, the nine gates were all steps Depp's character encountered in his life, on the road to his eventual asccension/damnation (depending on your point of view i guess).

The movie is based on a novel called "The Club Dumas", plenty more info on it at IMDB.
Then again, another theory is that Depp was Lucifier all along, just lost in the realm of man, and the girl was some hottie witch trying to help him.
See here. A rather good explanation of the whole movie. :devil: