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The next Superman has been cast


It's not quite official, but just about. Brandon Routh is to be the next Superman for the movies. I've never heard of him before and according to the imdb he hasn't been in very much. Personally, I think that's a good thing.
Looks like he has brown eyes, hopefully they'll give him Blue contact lenses. My idea of Superman, should have very blue eyes.

Scifi Wire is making it sound like a done deal, so it seems it is a fact that he has the part.
Finally, the article mentions that production on SUPERMAN RETURNS will start in four weeks.
Sounds like Hollywood is delaying formally announcing films until production starts. The Farscape mini-series suffered the same fate.
Christopher Reeve was mostly unknown before he became Superman. I agree that it could be a good thing.

Dean Cain Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman had brown eyes. Infact - he's half Japanese.

I hate to nitpick, but he's actually 1/4 Japanese. His father was 1/2 Japanese. :)
According to imdb, he played in an ep of Will and Grace! Gay character in major gay sitcom comes to play Superman in a new film directed by major gay director! Can't wait!

I know BS knows how to cast hot guys at least! :D

I found these two:



I just discovered I can't apparently make such comments as that over at JMSNews for fear of offending someone.

So I will gladly keep my queerness here!

He's just what I would think BS would choose.


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