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The new enemy....Spolier



So I am remembering a reference to the hand from b5. In Ivonova’s dream (the one with the crow and all that...) there was a reference to "the hand" was there not? I remember this, but I don’t remember anything else. Please help!

There are a couple.

Elric telling Londo that he sees a great hand reaching outof the sky. It has to do with Londo's descent.

The other had to do with Sheridan's dream. It was said that he is 'the hand' in said dream. It had to do with his position in the Shadow War and his relationship to Justin.

They are both by all appearances completely unrelated to this new potential enemy.

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There's also the incident of Kosh's poisoning in "The Gathering" -- on the hand...

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It's going to be interesting to see how the Hand works into the established continuity. An enemy that powerful is going to have some serious effect, but we don't here about them in Crusade, The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, or Sleeping in Light. Of course Deconstruction didn't give us much of a solid history, just a peek, but you'd think there might be some hint during Crusade. Unless it's still in shadow war mode at that time.


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