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The new Dr Who....

I recognize the new Doctor... he played Calitiri, the villain, in Gone in Sixty Seconds with Nicholas Cage.
Wow, that photo is seriously reminding me this will be a different "who".

I am so used to the doctor being older-looking. :eek:


I don't know either actor, the doctor or the companion. Does anyone know how well she screams? :)
she was formerly a pop star, and mediocre at it. Hot enough that I had a crush when I was about 14.
I have a fear this series will suck ass majorly.

I`m sorry im not well up on American slang , But i get the feeling you think it will fail ... Christopher Ecclestone is a decent actor i have seen him in quite a few series , Billie piper despite her horendous pop career , seems an ok actor . The producer is quite famous Phil redmond behind series like C4`s brookside , itv`s Emmerdale and many more . The writers past glories include queer as folk but i just cant recall his name ...
I just wish I could see it here in the states. I hear they are cracking down on illegal video downloads now, just like they did with the music downloading. :eek:
It'll be on bit torrent, don't worry about that Hyp. We're getting the new Battlestar Galactica series before the States, and it's all over the web already. Silly move on the part of sciffy really.
I don't wanna download it, I don't wanna deal with finding it on some poor quality capture on the internet where I have to watch it on my computer.

I want the new Dr. Who on TV here in the states. Period. They need to announce when and where it will show here.

I am a bit upset to see where they decided not to have any cameos from earlier Doctors. I suppose that's good for season one (give the new cast time to make their own mark), but if they go on to more seasons (which I'm fairly certain they will), I would hope they would take the opportunity to have cameos from living Doctors, even McGann, to tie into the earlier incarnations and give a good sense of history and thread.

I understand that Russell Davies (the real EP and showrunner...who's the one who created QaF, etc.) really wants to give it it's own personality and still tie into a sense of the great days of Dr. Who while keeping the history rich and the feeling of thread and continuity very much alive. That's a tall order, but I feel as if Davies can pull it off.

I just want it here. Please. Soon. :D

I want the new Dr. Who on TV here in the states. Period.

I'm sure that it will be, one way or another. Of course, how widely available it is nationally is another question.

It would seem to be a natural fit for SciFi, but I have no idea how to predict their programming decisions anymore.

If they can't get a better deal from a network with a higher penetration rate, I would at least expect it to show up on BBC America. That works for me, but would be problematic for many. The tendancy for BBC-A with "new" shows is that they usually show up a few to several months after they aired in the UK. One question would be what form such an airing of the show would take. BBC-America has commercials. Some of their shows get longer time slots so that the entire episode is shown and the commercials are added (of course, some of the transitions are clumsy because the show weren't intended to be interupted, but ...). Other shows get re-edited so that what had been a 29 minute episode is edited down to 22 minutes to make room for commercials.

Of course, the episode length versus time slot length with commercials will be an issue almost anywhere that such a BBC show would air in the US. The only real exception would be if it were syndicated to local PBS stations. That's how I was originally introduced to The Doctor back in the 1970's. The problem is that can very hit and miss from market to market, and the scheduling is often a bit odd.
You don't have to worry about editing for commercials as far as I understand. The episodes are going to be 45 minutes each.
Local PBS stations would kill my chances: the Tucson PBS station is one that never gets prime stuff, especially when it comes to British offerings and sci-fi British offerings, especially. :rolleyes:

I also don't know if BBC America is available on any cable package I can get. :rolleyes:

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