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The Multiverse: Book Three, The Civil Wars (Excript 2)



I thought I wouldn't have time to post this till tomorrow, but I figured, what the heck I'll stay up a wee bit later and post it now
If you want to know what the heck is going on in this one, you'll have to read the first one

(The following excripts are the property of the Superspace Convivium and may not be copied in any form without written permission from the Superspace Convivium GM and those writers who took part in the story Thank you.)

The Multiverse: Book Three, The Civil Wars


(Originaly Posted By – Kaltor)

Kaltor's holo appears to be floating among the stars as the battle holo covers the bridge of the Kaltae. Kaltor floats about a foot off the ground, as his liquid metalic cloak covers his robotic tenticles. His rectangular head stares directly at the Karga's command staff. A Bliekan (Behind Kaltor) stares in shock at the command staff. The serpent-like fish appears to have seen a ghost.

"I heard what you did at the Senate. Terrorism is not an honorable course. Give me one reason why I should believe you traitors?" Kaltor asks.

(Originaly Posted By – The Weirdonian)

Degnomogh:"I know what it looks like, but that whole thing was just another set up! There are forces within the Senate who've been pulling strings and setting up these terrorist attacks to meet their own goals! I believe the same ones who sent that false transmission of myself and the bombing at the Senate are the same ones who orchestrated this atrocity..."

Degnomogh activates a series of recordings from Hubbaradon (The Capital of Muton, his homeworld) the day of the terrorist attacks there. Some of the reccording was from right at the scene when the bombs went off. Plumes of flame and the screams of the innocent ecco through the holo. Degnomogh was there the day it happened. The memories of people dying and his once proud city burning will likely haunt him till his dying days.

Degnomogh:"This was done by terrorists claiming to be anti-sepratists. We later found strong evidence from the only surviving terrorist that Senator Rehvek himself ordered the bombings. Thousands died, many more were injured. If Rehvek is not stopped, the whole Multiverse will be in danger, billions of lives are at risk. How long will it be untill Rehvek switches from terrorist bombings to using Planetary Decimator cannons or the incalcuable power of the Sphere? If you help us, then together we might be able to stop all of this madness and in return if you are ever in need of us, we will not hesitate to come to your aid. Otherwise we'll just turn around and you can forget you ever heard of us. But then we'll be dead, and you'll only have one side of the story. The choice is yours, and we will stand by it whatever it may be."
Kalishnar was watching a sensor pannel when the blips came on screen.

Kalishnar:"Here they come..."

The Gizmottron-17 along with the first of the M.C. fleet arrives in Shanka space. Harolk Mezeaon sits in the center seat once occupied by Degnomogh, which is a constant pleasure to Harolk. To his right is Ieolus, a mysterious individual whom always seems to be wherever Harolk is. They both have their own, dangerious agendas. A signal is sent out from the Gizmottron-17 on all channels.

Transmission:"This is W.I.C. Fleet Legus Harolk Mezeaon, I am leading an M.C. Fleet in pursuit of the traitors Kalishnar and Degnomogh. I would advise you that they are very violent, dangerous criminals. We will be happy to assist you in disposing of them."

The Gizmottron-17 and the first part of the M.C. Fleet heat up and train their weapons on the Karga and the other 4 Mutonian cruisers. Fighters are launched but they hold their positions near the fleet, also with weapons hot.

(Originaly Posted By – Kaltor)

Kaltae sees the ships entering Shanka space and opens a channel as she follows Kaltor's thoughts. The channel is to the Shanka defense fleet (audio only), while the Karga holo transmission remains open. Kaltae has a third channel ready to open to the M.C. forces.

"Target all vessels. If anyone fires on anyone, be sure to disable the ship", Kaltor orders the Shanka force. The Energy Disruptors aboard Kaltae become active as she senses hostilities here.

"Karga," Kaltor continues on the first channel, "I cannot say I believe you, but if what you have shown me is true, you may be innocent. Therefore, your surrender is accepted. If I feel that you are not guilty of these crimes after further information is exchanged, I shall give you sanctuary".

Kaltae's defense systems become active, and the Energy Disruptors are now locked on ALL targets.

The other leaders (Junoc, Bliekan, Ixzagnev, & Kragchon, the other species in the Shanka Universe) look on in horror through Ambassador Zafa's secret survalence implants. They were in shock to see a smaller Shanka with hair. (Degnomogh)

"M.C. forces, you do not have juristiction here. Your assistance is not required. The traitors you seek have surrendered to us. They are under our protection now. Any act against them will be met with deadly force if needed. But with our new treaty with the W.I.C., we shall follow the M.C.'s request to return, intact, the vesse..." Kaltor told the Legus's fleet when a burst
of flustered, almost pannicked shouting from behind made him pause.

"NO! I told them this was happening, and he proves it!” <Zafa (A Bliekan) points directly at the holo of the Mutonion Leader, Degnomogh aboard the Karga>. “No one wanted to believe that the Shanka were allied with the Shulok, our ancient enemy! But that Shanka-Shulok hybrid offspring proves it!" Zafa shouted. He then turned with an almost smug look on his face.

"And thank you for bringing aboard my cargo…"

The leaders of the other four races almost cheered as Zafa shouted at Kaltor. They wanted answers badly, and Zafa was doing a good job trying to get them. These Shanka needed to be set straight, especially this Tiru (Kaltor’s Race). If they did not get answers, there would be war.

But then, the leaders of the four races expression of joy stopped. They heard Zafa explaining his great retribution and hoped he would stop. But Zafa was going to far, they now knew war was coming with the Shanka now.

"The other races have been watching through implants inside my head. I have their backing!", Zafa continued to shout.

Kaltae and Kaltor now spoke with thoughts in the following seconds as the chemicals of Zafa's cargo began to spill out into each other.

"Can we stop it?" Kaltor asked Kaltae.

"No", Kaltae answered softly. "I'm scared, Kaltor".

"I know. I'm scared to Cara", Kaltor replied.

"I love you. I've always loved you", Kaltae told Kaltor.

"I'm just sorry that.....", Kaltor started...

To Be Continued…

(Behind the Scenes Info: This storyline began well before the attacks on Sept 11th. We were very taken aback to see the kinds of horrific terrorist acts that we wrote about in our in our fictional story being carried out in real life. Never the less, we decided to continue our stories, for ultimately they will be stories of good triumphing over the evil forces that are out to manipulate civilization into their own twisted visions.)

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