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The most important question in all of B5...

Try this site:

Not all agree that the info is all correct, but everyone I've ever heard from (infact im shocked more of you didn't just come out and say this here - different crowed perhaps) agrees on the names and of which ship belongs to who.

Alot of this info did come from JMS or someone else who knew so as far as the basics go, this site has it nailed.

There are two flying saurcer ships. We saw one kind (with guns top and bottom) in Season 1 and a second kind in Season 3 and 4 when fighting the Shadows. Definately Vree

-- IceFire
The two saucer types are the xill and xorr. The blue one is newer and as a result more powerful. It also makes a good fighter-killer. BTW, good idea on referring us to B5 Tech Manual. It's gotta be one of the best tech sites around. Its science section is just plain old incredible.

If I tell you that everything I say is a lie, am I telling the truth?

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