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The Mole


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The (finally!) new season of The Mole starts on Monday. I thought the two "celebrity" editions were crap, but the two previous regular versions of the show were entertaining, especially the first season. I know reality shows don't get talked about much on this board, but I'm curious if anyone else here watched the previous versions of The Mole.

For those who haven't but are wondering what I'm talking about. The show was originally created in Belgium, I believe. The idea is that this group of contestants travel around competing in a variety of challenges. For example, in the first season there was a challenge in which one of the players was "abducted", locked up in a secret location, and the rest of the players were given a handful of clues to his location and a few means of transportation and had to figure out where he was, how to all get there, and then rescue him. Another example was a challenge in which two players had to create a work of "art" to be installed in a museum surrounded by other pieces by actual artists in an attempt to keep an art critic from being able to tell which piece was the players' fake piece. Each challenge is about earning money for successfully completing the challenge, and that money goes into a group pot that the winner at the end of the game gets.

One of the players, however, has been secretly selected by the show's producers to be a mole, a double agent who's job it is to sabotage the group's efforts to win money. The players know that one among them is this mole and are charged with figuring out which person it is; at the end of every episode, which is every couple of days in game playing time, everyone has to take a quiz as to the identity of the mole. Some of the questions on that quiz are crazy difficult, things like "what did the mole eat for breakfast?" The player who scores the lowest -- ie who knows the least about the mole -- is "executed" and leaves the game.

The first (and best, in my opinion) season of the show is out on DVD.
I'm almost tempted to watch it. I watched the first one years ago with Anderson Cooper as the host and kind of enjoyed it. I'll probably catch it if I have nothing else to do.
It's been decent so far; way better than the "celebrity" versions. The new host isn't bad. There's one player in particular that's getting on my nerves significantly, though. I've narrowed suspicions as to the identity of the mole down to three: the blond neuroscientist woman, the musician guy, and the black lawyer guy.

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