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The Legend of the Rangers...Making the movie...

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It would be really neat if someone...maybe the production...would make a video of the making of "Babylon 5:The Legend of the Rangers"...I love that kind of stuff! And then, they can air it on the SCI-FI channel just before the show is aired...or...maybe after the show airs...have interviews with the cast and crew of productions...director...producer...etc! Lots of information to be shown! Anyways...I just thought that it would be cool!
-Ghost Rider-

Yeah, that would be great, and it could be included on the DVD also when it's released.

BTW, did the "making of" for 'The Gathering' ever see the day of light? I remember reading that Walter Koenig had agreed to host it, but I've never seen any other mention of it. I guess it never got made or aired? Would be cool to have sth like that on the coming DVD.

And whatever happened to that Sciography on B5 the Sci-Fi channel was doing? Maybe they could finish it for the DVD's.

The series sciography was dropped. It will start again with a new name and format sometime this year. The B5 episode will air.

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Uh, oh--I guess I will see my awful self on TV after all, because I was one of the B5-fans interviewed for Sciography at AgamemCon last year! Eeeeekkk!


Raider and the gang! I like your enthusiasms with everything! That's great! Great suggestions! I am with you guys all the way!
How does one make a magazine anyways!? How do you do something like that? Do you have connections for "Babylon 5:The Legend of the Rangers" productions team!? Interesting...
Cheers! -Ghost R.-