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The last of the Swallows


I don't know if there are any Arthur Ransome fans out there, but I have just heard that Susie has died.

She was the last of the five Altouynian children that were the inspiration for the Swallows. I had never met her, although I was lucky enough to meet both Taqui (the oldest) and Brigit (the youngest) when they were alive.

Another living link to that great man has been lost.
'Swallows and Amazons' is the first of twelve children's books written by Arthur Ransome. They are about the adventures of various children during their school holidays.

The main characters are:
John, Susan, Titty, Roger and Bridget Walker (The Swallows)
Nancy and Peggy Blackett (The Amazons)

Other characters are:
Captain Flint (The Amazons uncle Jim)
Dick and Dorethea Callum (The Scarabs)
Tom Dudgeon, Port & Starboard Farling, Bill, Pete and Joe (The Coot Club)

The most famous books take place in the lake district, in the region of Wideremere and Coniston, whilst others are set on the Broads, East coast or Scottish Hebredies.

Ransome is one of my three most respected writers, jms and Tolkien being the others. I simply adore the books and have visited most of the places where they are set.

Missee Lee; twenty two gong Taicoon
You hopefully know then that the BBC are showing a 15 minute documentary about the film on Saturday.
That's sad news, I used to love those books as a child. I would spend hours copying out the maps in the front by hand, and did a school project all about boats because of it.
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